The XVII Edition of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival 2022 is starting

The XVII Edition of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival 2022 is starting
The XVII Edition of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival 2022 is starting
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In Room A of the regional counciland, located in the Palace of the Basilicata Region in Potenza, the press conference was held on 22 November to present the XVII Edition of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival 2022scheduled from 24 to 26 November at Cine Teatro Periz in Bellaorganized, promoted and implemented by theMunicipal Administration of Bellawith the sponsorship of Basilicata Regionof the Province of PotenzaofAPT (Tourism Promotion Company) Lucana, of theUPI extension (Union of Italian Provinces) of Basilicata and ofANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) of Basilicata.

The theme on which the Festival focuses this year is “Violence against women between stories and visions”, on the occasion of the celebrations of the international day against violence against women on 25 November. The press conference was moderated by the international journalist, Mariangela Petruzzellialso Head of the CIM Equal Opportunities Department – Confederation of Italians in the World and president of the Association “Miss Chef”. The Speakers were: the Mayor of the City of Bella, Leonardo Sabato; the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Bella; Angela Carlucci, the Artistic Director of the Bella Basilicata Film Festival 2022-XVII Edition, Giacomo Martini.

Tribute to the Bella Festival by the moderator Mariangela Petruzzelli which highlighted: “I am honored to return as national press office and speaker of the Bella Festival after having taken care of its communication in its first edition and above all because it is focused on the theme of violence against women. I have been dealing with violence against women for years as an investigative journalist and as president of the Miss Chef association, working on the inclusion of women victims thanks to labor policies in the agri-food, tourism and cultural fields. I collaborate with Minou Mirabal, former justice minister in Santo Domingo and daughter of Minerva one of the Mirabal sisters, symbol of the world day against violence against women who were killed by the despot of the time on November 25, 1960; work on international cooperation and training projects with the UN and FAO against trafficking and the emergence of women, including African ones, and for the value of equal opportunities with the CIM-Confederation of Italians in the World».

In the press conference the Mayor of Bella, Leonard Saturday he has declared: “We have decided to support and organize again this year the Bella Basilicata Film Festival on a very important theme which is violence against women. There are 4 founding themes of the Festival: culture, passion, work and determination. And with these actions we wanted it again in 2022. I thank all those who are working on it because it is the result of important and exciting teamwork».

Bella will participate in the festival Caterina Villirillopresident of the Association “Free Women” of Crotone, which it has as Honorary President Marisa Garofalo, sister of Lea, victim of femicide, protagonist of one of the films present at the review. At the press conference, Caterina Villirillo, speaking on the phone from Crotone, said «I thank the Municipality of Bella and Mariangela Petruzzelli for inviting me to the festival and I am honored to take part above all to have the opportunity to talk to young people about violence against women and against the mafia in favor of legality. These cultural and civil moments are decisive for a decisive change. On November 16th in Cassation they confirmed the life sentence for the murderer of my son Giuseppe, his sacrifice is for me and for the association “Libere Donne” a symbol of strong and forever rebirth in order to leave a message of hope and education to respect for today’s young people also in Bella».

The Festival program is full of appointments: the November 24thin the evening the film “The Armenian” from Joseph Bonito (2021) and the director will be present; the November 25thduring the morning, the students of the Istituto Comprensivo di Bella with Mariangela Petruzzelli will meet to discuss a topic entitled “From the sacrifice of the Mirabal sisters to the rebirth of Women against violence today. Action and proposals” in the evening the film will be proposed “I believe in one father” from Luke Guardabascio (2020) in the presence of the director; the November 26thin the early evening Caterina Villirillo meets the boys of the Bellese community at the parish oratory of Largo Don Bosco, subsequently to conclude the festival, the screening of the film “Leah” from Marco Tullio Giordana, (2015) with the testimony of Caterina Villirillo. The Festival program is realized with the collaboration of the Cinema Don Bosco of Potenza.

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Agostino Fraccascia

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