The Iranian regime also controls us in Italy, the story of an Italian-Persian girl

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What is really happening in Iran and how close is Iran to us, beyond the symbolic demonstrations that have brought it into the spotlight in the last two months? asked a young Italian-Iranian woman, born and raised in Lombardy but with half of her family in Iran.

Protests in Iran

“I was born and grown up safe, in one of the industrious provinces of Lombardy – Gloria (fantasy name) tells -, but theIran it is also my country, mine father it comes from there and half of my family still live there today”.

“In the many visits I’ve made to my relatives and watching Iran through the media – continues Gloria – I always feel a detachment, a strong contradictionbetween what you see on the outside and what is on the inside”.

Inside the houses – he explains to – women rule, they put on heels, lipstick and have big parties. Outside, the appearance of an Islamic republic is maintained which is not really a part of Iranian culture.”

Persian roots

To understand the reasons for a statement that seems to undermine all the representative models of Iran, we need to take a step back. “First of all – explains Gloria – Iran is ancient Persiawhere the culture and the study have always played a fundamental role”.

“Just think – he continues – that the 60 percent of graduates are women and women have always had access to education. In general, an educated population finds it difficult to tolerate a retrograde regime such as that of the ayatollahs”.

Not only: “There never was a true generational change within the ruling class – explains the woman -, so those who lived before the Islamic revolution of ’79 continue to pass on values ​​and ideas that are distant from those of the current government”.

A different protest

“The rigidity of the rules linked to the Islamic cult has increased in recent times. In fact – Gloria observes – the interest of the current government in Tehran is of an economic nature and aimed at ensuring the approval of the other fundamentalist powers in the Middle East, but the reasons of the protesting population are also social and cultural”.

“This is the first real one intergenerational revolution based on freedoms and rights: alongside the young women who do not want to wear the veil, their grandmothers parade, for whom the veil was forbidden on the street before 1979. And this is because, they say in a loud voice, the rights of one take nothing away from the other, the goal is be able to choose“.

But there is another aspect that differentiates the wave of protests that started last September: “Alongside the students there are traders and many other professional and social categories who are no longer able to survive due to theskyrocketing inflation“.

Women protest in Iran

Iran today

“Today – says Gloria – the climate in Iran is at the same time fear and of hope. Fear because life has changed so much and in a short time everyday life has become full of limitations”.

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“For example, last week my grandmother was unable to leave the house even though she needed to do the shopping, because the ayatollahs had launched toxic gases by helicopters to prevent demonstrators from taking to the streets”.

“L’80 percent of the state armytraditionally at the service of citizens, he defected after orders to fire on the unarmed crowd – explains the woman -, but the ayatollahs have recruited mercenary soldiers, mainly from Syria and Iraq. They hide in alleyways, spy on people at demonstrations and then pick them up at home at night.”

Controls in Italy

“THE regime controls – assures Gloria – however, they are everywhere. Even in our country. There bourgeoisie friendly to the ayatollahsat the outbreak of tensions, he obtained permission to expatriate and lives in large villas scattered all over the world, many are in London, Canada, Milan”.

“Expats – he continues – spy on fellow countrymen at demonstrations, they are photographed and filed in order to send lists to the consulates. When those citizens try to return to Iran they are taken from the airport and transferred directly to prison”.

Instagram is a privileged channel: “Gods are created fake profiles – explains Gloria – through which to contact the Iranians who convey information on the situation in Iran. They hook them up by perhaps commenting on photos that have nothing to do with the protests, they try to understand where they are and, if they realize they have been unmasked, they delete all content from the profile”.

Checks also take place through fake Instagram profiles

The checks on Instagram

The checks on Instagram

How much are symbols worth?

The symbols are not just facade. “They are valid, they are valid – says Gloria -, they are valid when they allow the situation in Iran to be made known. Because one of the main objectives of the regime is precisely close Iran’s windows to the outside world. Prevent communication to and from each other”.

“For this reason – continues the girl – one of the most effective ways to help Iranians is don’t stop talking about them“.

“The veil – he concludes – it is also a symbol: when it falls, the true original nature of Iran is shown, which is everything but fundamentalist”.

The article is in Italian

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