Fury, photographs the waves and is overwhelmed by the storm: Argentine tourist dead

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An Argentine woman, on holiday with her husband on the Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno, lost her life after being overwhelmed by a wave.

The tourist stood taking pictures of the violent stormand was hit by a tidal wave that dragged her into the water with her husband.

Dangerous photos

It happened yesterday morning, November 23, a Fury, a small town on the Amalfi Coast. The couple of Argentine tourists, who were staying in a bed and breakfast in Positano, had stopped at the Furore beach to take pictures at strong storm caused by bad weather.

Photo Source: ANSA

Access stairway to Furore beach

According to the reconstruction of Southern Courierthe couple would have asked a resident to take some photos of them before walking along a return path, perhaps made impassable by bad weather.

During the ascent, however, a large tidal wave overwhelmed them, dragging them into the sea. The resident, who had remained in the area, immediately rushed to throw a rope into the water and try to rescue them.

The rescue attempt

The woman’s husband, a 52-year-old Argentine, managed to hold on to the rope thrown by the rescuergetting to safety.

The woman, who was little by little, was unable to do the same dragged out by the strong storm that was raging.

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When finally the men of the Amalfi Coast Guard, coordinated by the commander Oronzo Montagna, with the support of a boat of the Amalfi boat group managed to reach the woman, it was already too late.

The recovery of the body and the story of the rescuer

The lifeless body of the woman, whose personal details have not been disclosed, was recovered by the agents not far from the coast.

Luigi Perrelli, the man who tried to save them, told the Courier that the waves were “too strong, they didn’t allow us to go and get her”.

The husband, recovered in non-worrisome conditions, was hospitalized for tests at the Castiglione hospital in Ravello.

The Salerno prosecutor’s office has anyway opened an investigation to clarify the dynamics that led to the death of the woman, which could also have been caused by a head injury caused by the impact against the rocks.

coastal tourist fury

Photo Source: ANSA

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