Walter Nanni from Abruzzo signs a short film for the new advertising campaign of Lake Iseo

Walter Nanni from Abruzzo signs a short film for the new advertising campaign of Lake Iseo
Walter Nanni from Abruzzo signs a short film for the new advertising campaign of Lake Iseo
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«A romantic story, between memories and intimate sensations. The target, the atmosphere, the indications that I was given and the setting allowed, in my opinion only a ‘classic’ narration from a cinematographic point of view, – he explains Walter Nanni in a note – I wanted to include some news, however, with sequences shot with the new drones fpv which allow for new and truly spectacular camera movements. It’s hard to imagine how much work there could be, even of studying communication, behind a small job like this; there is nothing random inside.’

It is by the director from Abruzzo Walter Nanni the new advertising campaign of the lneedle of Iseoin Lombardythe title of the short film, written, directed and edited by Nanni is: “Air”, from today officially online, created by Media Dream Filmproduced by Visit Lake Iseo and from Lombardy region.

The Times from Londonjudges Lake Iseo as one of the 7 wonders of the Alps, among the most important tourist resorts in the Northern Italy, among the most popular Italian destinations in the world by foreign tourists, especially the northern Europe And North America.

«It was an honor and a great responsibility to carry out this work – explains Nanni – when you tell such a beautiful, famous and particular territory it is never easy to be able to do it in an original and fascinating way. We hope we have succeeded. I let myself be guided by the sensations experienced in those October days when we shot, by the emotions experienced in the bay of thehorridon the island of Loretto and among the wonderful vineyards of the Franciacorta. Lake Iseo is truly a magical place, but the thing that struck me most was the air, with a truly unique flavor and smell. It is no coincidence that I titled the short Air».

“I thank Antonio Cadei And Anna Ferlinghetti from Visit Lake Iseo – concludes the director from Abruzzo – for having sought me out and wanted me to lead this project that I loved very much. For me, telling pieces of the Italian territory with images and stories is now a daily study and a passion that grows more and more over time; I try to look at the beauty of our land with respect, describing it as best I can».

Almost all members of the troupe are from Abruzzo Walter Nanni made the short, as the young and talented, Pier Paolo Powerdirector of photography, who graduated from film school a few years ago Ifa from Pescara; Victory Luciani face and model of this new advertising campaign, graduated in communication, media and advertising at Iulm di Milan. The aerial shots were entrusted to the Marches Edward Fazzinithe narrative voice is by the voice actress Nunzia Di Somma and the sound mixing of Franco Liberatthe.

The web and social advertising campaign of Lake Iseo visible on the channels @visitlakeiseo, will go on until Christmas and every week new content, photos, and excerpts of “Air”.

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