Sicily, off to the new wind farm: 1,100 jobs

Sicily, off to the new wind farm: 1,100 jobs
Sicily, off to the new wind farm: 1,100 jobs
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The work represents an opportunity for development and employment growth for the island


Renexia, together with Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl Sicilia, announces that it has signed a framework agreement to establish the guidelines to be adopted for workers who will be employed in the MedWind project, the first large-scale floating offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea.

MedWind will guarantee employment and development

“This is an important agreement, firmly desired by the parties – says a note from Renexia -, because the work represents an opportunity for development, employment growth and at the same time the opportunity to achieve energy self-sufficiency for the domestic users in Sicily. Once completed, the plant will be a driving force for the local and national economy, with an estimated growth in added value of approximately 6.5 billion euros. The creation of MedWind will also guarantee the employment of 1100 resources a year for the six necessary for the construction and about 750 for the 25 years of management”.

What the agreement provides

The agreement signed today provides for a constant commitment to combat illegality, to respect labor contracts and to promote the protection of workers’ health. On this assumption, when the works start, a protocol will be defined for the monitoring of contracts and subcontracts capable of ensuring, among other things, the maximum level of safety. A procedure capable of guaranteeing an effective gender equality policy as well as the needs for care, home/work alternation and the reconciliation of life and work times, as well as particular attention to training, the promotion of youth employment and the constant requalification of workers. Also in conjunction with interprofessional funds.


School-work alternation programs are also underway

Thanks to a link with the scholastic institutions, universities and trade schools accredited in the Sicilian Region, school-work alternation programs and practical training will also be launched. Renexia – continues the note – pays the utmost attention to the fact that Med Wind will insist on a marine surface used for fishing, a fundamental activity for the Trapani coast. Precisely because of the importance of this sector, Renexia and the trade union organizations agree on the need to define a further specific agreement for the fishing sector and therefore to set up a regional technical table with the aim of guaranteeing compatibility and synergies between the two economic activities.

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The article is in Italian


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