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FORMIA – The Lazio Region will present the Mafia Report in Lazio in Formia. “South Pontino is a crossroads of multiple mafia presence”, underlines Gianpiero Cioffredi, president of the Observatory for Security and Legality of the Lazio Region announcing the appointment scheduled for Monday 28 November, at 10, in the San Probo-Parrocchia Sant ‘Erasmo during which the results of the last years, the VI and VII edition of the research, will be commented.

“The territory of lower Lazio has been the subject of an ever more profound and ramified expansion of Camorra clans and ‘Ndrangheta clans, whose presence has become extended and structured over time, to the point of determining the co-presence in that territory of criminal groups, whose activity, strongly characterized by the mafia method, has profoundly marked the economic, social and political fabric. The Report that we present confirms that the territory of Latina and the southern Pontine continues to be a crossroads of a multiple criminal presence made up of both projections of traditional mafias and autochthonous organized crime. It will also be an opportunity to express our support to the Prefecture, the Police Forces and the Judiciary for their robust daily action for the safety and freedom of citizens”, adds Cioffredi.

Mons. Luigi Vari, Archbishop of Gaeta, Dr. Maurizio Falco, Prefect of Latina, Dr. Maria Cristina Palaia, Deputy Prosecutor of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, Don Francesco Fiorillo, referent of Libera Sud Pontino, Don Alfredo Micalusi, parish priest will intervene di Sant’Erasmo and Gianpiero Cioffredi, President of the Observatory for Security and Legality of Lazio. The Police Forces, student delegations and the mayors of the Province of Latina were invited.

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