Catania, at the Monk Jazz Club on stage “Sikania”, a sentimental and musical journey in Sicily

Catania, at the Monk Jazz Club on stage “Sikania”, a sentimental and musical journey in Sicily
Catania, at the Monk Jazz Club on stage “Sikania”, a sentimental and musical journey in Sicily
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This is a crackling season for the Monk Jazz Club of Catania, increasingly the privileged stage for the most intimate and engaging approach with the protagonists of African-American music. Paolo Fresu’s five days at the opening of the season at the end of October left their mark, while the Etna combination Sorge-Puglisi, a couple of weeks later, confirmed a Sicilian musical “brotherhood” with an international flavor.

Now, between Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November (double set for each day at 7 and 9.30 pm), Sicily will be central to the “Sikania” project shared between the singer from Caltanissetta Daniela Spalletta and the pianist from Messina Giovanni Mazzarino who will be joined by Fabio Tiralongo on tenor sax, Alberto Fidone on double bass and Peppe Tringali on drums.

The quintet will present the “Sikania” project, a sentimental and musical journey in Sicily. “Sikania” is an artistic project by two genuine Sicilian musicians, the singer Daniela Spalletta and the pianist Giovanni Mazzarino, conceived and produced by Jazzy Records. Sikania takes its name from the ancient toponym of Sicily, and is a sentimental and musical journey on the island, in its places, in its atmospheres, in its history full of vicissitudes and contrasts. A musical journey through the profound inspiration that nature and culture, the history and identity of this land arouse in the soul of those who, walking along its paths, know how to grasp its innumerable emotional nuances. Sikania develops from a series of original compositions for quartet signed and arranged by Giovanni Mazzarino who has always found deep inspiration for his music in Sicily, on which the extraordinary vocalist Daniela Spalletta sings, with virtuosity never an end in itself, lyrics in dialect specially written by her for the project. In some parts the singing of the actual theme leaves room for the “vocalese”, of which Spalletta is the absolute master, bringing out in the work almost the sense of an ancient Greek chorus. The pieces are conceived in the form of suites and explore the “Sicilianity” in several directions made up of iconic characters (A Basilissa, the “beautiful woman”), religious beliefs and traditions (Li santi e li faithful), or archetypal places of Sicily (Sophiana): life lived, shared, told, sometimes only imagined. The strength and passion, the scenarios with strong colors, the characters of the people are closely connected to the places: the music of Mazzarino, evocative and imbued with melancholy, returns all this with intensity and elegance, and thanks to Spalletta’s vocal palette finds new expressive opportunities, nuances and very intense emotional sensations. The Sicilian dialect is a real language, and therefore it was not chosen only as a “homage” to the land of the protagonists of this disc, but for a precise philological recovery of enhancement of the most strongly identifying elements of Sicily: the word-story, as in the most typical oral tradition, what today we would call “story telling”.

2022 at the Monk Jazz Club will close with piano solo concerts by Rita Marcotulli, scheduled for Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December, and concerts by the Italian-Argentine saxophonist Javier Girotto in quartet with the Monk’s artistic director, pianist Dino Rubino and Nello Toscano on double bass and Peppe Tringali on drums, scheduled for Sunday 18 and Monday 19 December.


For the open space on Wednesdays the Monk on November 30th a meeting between music and architecture will be held by Nello Toscano and Vincenzo Giusti at the headquarters of Trame di Quartiere, an association that works on socio-cultural inclusion in San Berillo. The saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and Riccardo Gerbino, tabla player, will play for the occasion. Two workshop-meetings will follow on 7 and 14 December, the first with the saxophonist Carlo Cattano, and the second with the guitarist Giuseppe Mirabella, a member of the club.

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Info and reservations
Write to the e-mail [email protected], telephone and Whatsapp 3401223606.
Address: Monk Jazz Club, via Scuto 19 Catania.

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