Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno seventh in Coppa Lombardia

Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno seventh in Coppa Lombardia
Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno seventh in Coppa Lombardia
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The Seregno team of the Vtt Valxer Triathlon for the first time in the top ten in the Lombardy Cup: at the beginning of the year the partnership had set itself a place among the top 10 teams in Lombardy and he finished in seventh position.

Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno, “a beautiful goal for a young company

Seventh place – said the president Barbara Lodiit’s a beautiful goal for a young club like ours, behind teams that have history and athletes of a certain weight. A position sought after, desired and conquered after two races from the end, the standings saw us fourteenth”.
“A positively surprising but also sought-after team result – added coach Gianpaolo Turati – management and coaches strongly believed in the competitive validity of the races of the Coppa Lombardia circuit, placing them in first place among the objectives of the year

Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno, “we will do everything to climb positions”

The Vtt Valxer athletes responded “present” to the stimuli of the team and during the season they increased their participation and desire to do well in the circuit races.
Triathlon is pure fun and the “age groups” who practice it are amateurs in the truest sense of the word. They love this sport and do everything to give their best both in competition and during training. The result achieved in the “home” races demonstrates how qualified and qualifying the calendar proposed by the Lombard committee is.
Next year we will do our best to climb other positions – added Barbara Lodi – thank you girls and boys: you have been extraordinary, I have the privilege of leading a partnership made up of women and men, who put their commitment, competition, passion and a lot of heart, as well as sweat, into a sport that can give emotions. On Seregno, the sun shines“.

Triathlon: Vtt Valxer Seregno, results in Pavia

In the 11th edition of the Duathlon city of Pavia, the last leg of the Coppa Lombardia circuit and last of the long season, at the start there were 200 athletes who challenged each other on running and cycling. The Vtt conquered two category podiums, with Beloved Falconerssecond in S4 e Barbara Lodi last, but third of cat. M3. Elena Door finished fifth in M4. In the men’s field there are many top 10 in the category.
First Vtt, Massimo DiLillo, sixth cat. M3 and 40th overall; Willyam Iacobonitenth in M3; Aaron Carmine seventh in S4; David Salvatore, Christian Veronelli, Romeo Marianitenth in M4; Andrea Colonnaninth in S4; Enrico Maglifioreeighth in M5 and Gianfranco Brescianini.


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