Chef Toro in London brings the flavors of Sicily to Cadogan – Sicily

Chef Toro in London brings the flavors of Sicily to Cadogan – Sicily
Chef Toro in London brings the flavors of Sicily to Cadogan – Sicily
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The Michelin star of the Timeo of Taormina to The Lalee of Chelsea

(ANSA) – TAORMINA, NOVEMBER 24 – Chef Roberto Toro of the Otto Geleng restaurant, one Michelin star, is the spokesperson for the most authentic Sicilian culinary tradition with four dinner events, from November 28 to December 1, at the Cadogan hotel in London. In the elegant restaurant ‘The Lalee’, the executive chef of the Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina will accompany his London guests on a culinary journey with an exclusive menu of signature dishes whose story starts from the genuineness of Sicilian ingredients. It is precisely from the latter that chef Toro draws inspiration every day: visiting the famous fish market in Catania to select the catch of the day to bring to the table on the iconic Literary Terrace of the Grand hotel Timeo, tending his citrus grove and his vegetable garden in free time to experiment with new vegetarian recipes, or even going to Etna where the cola apple grows among the vineyards and olive groves.

Experiences that Roberto Toro also loves to share with his guests, who will be able to experience first-hand on their journey to discover Sicily. The taste of Sicily created by chef Toro and his team in the heart of the Chelsea district thus includes the best ingredients that the island has to offer between autumn and winter, and includes traditional dishes, such as Aeolian sea bass, Caponata and the famous Cannolo, but also gourmet dishes such as his famous Risotto with wild herbs, cuttlefish, lime and sea powder, and the spiced Etna cola apple with ricotta and grapefruit. The Christmas festivities in London will thus officially begin with a touch of Sicilian tradition by chef Roberto Toro, to be savored exclusively at the Cadogan.




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