Tourism: Christmas holidays in hotels will cost +13% – Emilia-Romagna

Tourism: Christmas holidays in hotels will cost +13% – Emilia-Romagna
Tourism: Christmas holidays in hotels will cost +13% – Emilia-Romagna
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But 83% of Italian structures have difficulty finding staff

(ANSA) – MILAN, NOVEMBER 24 – 2022 was a year of significant increases in hotel room prices, both as regards the summer season, with a +12% on 2021, and for the upcoming winter season, with +17% on 2021 and as much as +38% on 2019. The time segment of the Christmas holidays alone sees an increase of 13% on 2021 and 26% on 2019. This is what emerged from a survey discussed at the summit annual of professional hoteliers, organized by the Albergatore Pro agency in recent days in Riccione (Rimini), to discuss the state of health of the category.

The average daily cost of a room in a 4-star hotel in the mountains with half board treatment goes, according to the data provided, from 386.3 euros in winter 2021 to 439.5 in 2022. The main cause, in addition to the increase of the cost of energy and the reaction to the inflation phase, is identified in the propensity of Italians to spend their savings on travel. Encouraging signs for the hospitality market, which however clash with the shortage of workers in the structures: 83% of Italian hotels have difficulty finding staff, especially if qualified.

“The survey, carried out by the agency’s internal observatory, monitored the rates of about 400 hotels located in mountain areas through management software installed in the structures – explains Gian Marco Montanari, managing director of Albergatore Pro – aggregating the data anonymously It emerges that tourism has held up to inflation and Italians have chosen to continue spending on travel despite the high costs. In our opinion, until a few years ago, the Italian user wondered what he could do after saving, while today he wonders what he can set aside once all expenses have been incurred, including those for travel.In this regard, we have gone from an average saving of 10-13% on income in the first 20 years of the millennium, to 1, 5% of 2022”.



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