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Future Schumacher, decision made (Newsby)

Future Schumacher, decision made: it’s the best news for the fans. Confirmation arrives a few days before the end of the World Cup

In the last 31 years, even if with some physiological breaks, there has always been one Schumacher in Formula 1. Indeed, all fans remember with passion the duels between Michael Schumacher and his brother Ralf in the 90s, when the World Cup was also a family thing.

Future Schumacher, decision made (Newsby)

Maybe if the “Kaiser” was well now and didn’t have to live an existence away from the world after the terrible accident than nine years ago on the snow of Méribel it would have been easier. He would have advised the right steps to take for his son and relations with Ferrari too, which have now been interrupted, would have gone differently.

We will never have the rebuttal, but we do know that the first two seasons of Mick Schumacher in the Circus they were decidedly complicated. Haas especially in 2021 was a decidedly inferior single-seater to the others and only in the last few months has it raised its head. And he had a harder time than expected to fit in.

Future Schumacher, decision made: more and more launched in his father’s footsteps

However, history teaches that sport is also made up of courses and appeals. Michael Schumacher, after almost 4 years of hiatus following his farewell to Ferrari, had started again from Mercedes. He is no longer young, the Anglo-German car is still immature and so only placements had arrived, with a single podium in 2012.

But he had helped to create, with his advice and experience, a winning team and the results seen some time later thanks to the series successes of Lewis Hamilton and Noico Rosberg.

Today history can be rewritten as Mick Schumacher is ever closer to re-entering his world through the back door. Only the official announcement is missing, but next season he will join Hamilton and Russell as third driver.

Michael SchumacherMercedes
Michael Schumacher raced for three years with Mercedes (Newsby)

The first to admit the negotiation is him, interviewed by the German press: “Mercedes is a fantastic brand and what it has achieved in Formula 1 is incredible. I would be stupid not to admit that I’m evaluating various options for next year, including theirs”.

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And an important opening has arrived in recent days also from Toto Wolff in person. “The Schumacher family belongs to Mercedes and we hold Mick in high esteem. The priority should be for Mick to get a race seat. It deserves a place on the grid and not as a test driver. So we have to see if we can do something about it.”

Future Schumacher, decision made: farewell to Haas was a slap in the face, other details emerge

Meanwhile, however, in the last few hours, unpleasant details have emerged about the end of the relationship between Mick Schumacher and Haas. Everyone understood how it was going to end, but the American team preferred to keep silent until the eve of the Abu Dhabi GP.

So Michael’s son discovered the officiality of his farewell… from Laurent Mekies, the sporting director of Ferrari. As ‘Bild’ recounts, it was he who took him aside in the lobby of the Abu Dhabi hotel where they slept and explained to him what was about to happen, shortly before the announcement.

Mick Schumacher ready
Mick Schumacher is ready (Newsby)

Now it will come Nico Hulkenberg who did not use very tender words for his compatriot: “We are all fighting for our careers and it has already happened that many riders have been replaced by others with more experience. When you race, you have to convince your team with your performance, and if you don’t, the team replaces you.”

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