Violence against women, expose number 1522

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“Display the toll-free number 1522 to support victims of violence and stalking in public and private environments in the Region”. It is the object of the motion presented by regional councilor of the Umbria League Manuela Puletti “on the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women, Friday 25 November”.

“Violence against women unfortunately – explains Puletti in a note shared with the head of the regional Equal Opportunities department of the League, Chiara Tomassini – is still a growing phenomenon today. As a League we have always paid attention to this critical issue by establishing the ‘Code Red‘, or one fast and preferential lane for complaints and investigations into cases of violence against women or minors and intervening more decisively on the precautionary measure of the prohibition of approach to the places frequented by the offended person. Also we have exacerbated the penalties for ill-treatment against family members and cohabitants, stalking, sexual violence e added new types of crime such as face disfigurement and revenge porn”.

Manuela Puletti and Chiara Tomassini Lega

“There is still a lot to do and we will continue to be always present on such important and delicate issues. I know this motion does not solve the problem, but it can undoubtedly help many people to identify, in the awareness of a dedicated telephone number, the points of reference to turn to in order to fully understand the problem and start solving it, through dialogue, comparison and sharing”.

“The public utility number 1522 – recalls Puletti – was activated in 2006 by the Department for Equal Opportunities with the aim of developing a broad system action for the emergence and contrast of the phenomenon of intra and extra family violence in harm of women. It operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year and is accessible from the entire national territory free of charge, both from a fixed and mobile network. According to the regulations in force, the sign, adequately visible, must contain the following wording: ‘IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF VIOLENCE OR STALKING, CALL 1522’ must be translated into different languages ​​and displayed in specific public and private places”.

“Through the filed deed – concludes Puletti – the Umbria Region is asked to promote the dissemination of the display of the cartel bearing the public utility toll-free number in the public offices of the Umbria Region and in the relative institutional sites, in the premises where direct services are provided to users, as well as in other premises such as nursery schools, schools of all levels, pharmacies and centers private doctors”.

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