Court of Auditors: ok to report Region but delays in spending

Court of Auditors: ok to report Region but delays in spending
Court of Auditors: ok to report Region but delays in spending
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A positive judgment, with the pronouncement of regularity and approval, but with some observations, criticisms and solicitations to the Region. In particular on the failure to spend resources, on the delay in launching the budget maneuver and the consequent recourse to the provisional exercise, on off-balance sheet debt without previously undertaken spending commitments, and on healthcare.

These are the main points that emerged from the public hearing for the judgment on the general report of the Sardinia Region for 2021 by the Court of Auditors, this morning in Cagliari, introduced by the president Guido Carlino. The councilor for programming Giuseppe Fasolino represented the council, the president Michele Pais for the regional council, absent the governor Christian Solinas, in Rome for an extraordinary conference of the regions with minister Calderoli.

The most significant indicator comes from the administration result which amounts to about 78.3 million, it is the first time in the history of Sardinian autonomy. “It is positively noted that the Region of Sardinia, in the past constantly in deficit, closes the financial year with a final result in surplus – highlighted the rapporteur Cristina Ragucci -. The balance of cash management is approximately 2.3 billion euro euro, far higher than that of 2020 which was around 1.4 billion”.

The Court “observes, however, that the high amount of the cash fund and its increase which is repeated over the years, requires a reflection on the importance of effective programming and planning of the resources to be disbursed during the year”. An urgent solicitation also in view of the “enormous resources coming from the Pnrr and the limited times imposed for their use”.

Indebtedness records an increase, around 4 million euros, and sees its average duration further lengthen from 12.5 years in 17 to 22.38 years in 2021. This is the other note from the Court of Auditors: “Even this year the need for the Region to pay particular attention to the increase in debt exposure is reaffirmed”. In his reply, councilor Fasolino underlined the extraordinary nature of the historical moment and the result of the surplus, but expressed his regret for the delays in approving the budget law: “I hope to have the opportunity to remain in the Giunta and approve the maneuver in the current year”.

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