PHOTOVOLTAIC – Appeal to the President of the Republic presented by the Abruzzo Molise regional Slow Food and Aiab

PHOTOVOLTAIC – Appeal to the President of the Republic presented by the Abruzzo Molise regional Slow Food and Aiab
PHOTOVOLTAIC – Appeal to the President of the Republic presented by the Abruzzo Molise regional Slow Food and Aiab
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CAMPOBASSO – Undersigned by the Abruzzo-Molise Regional Slow Food and by AIAB Molise (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture Molise APS), with the support of Italia Nostra Molise, the “Lorenzo Milani” Foundation and “la Fonte”, with the assistance of the lawyer Riccardo Vaccaro, an Extraordinary Appeal was forwarded to the President of the Italian Republic (pursuant to art. 8
Presidential Decree November 24, 1971, n. 1199), against the Molise Region and ENEL Produzione SpA, to request the annulment of the Executive Decision of the Molise Region n. 4198 of 20.07.2022, with which the construction and operation of a photovoltaic system with a nominal power of 2142 kWp and maximum power input to the electricity grid equal to 1800 kWp and related connection works to be located in the Municipality were authorized of Larino (CB) in Contrada Piane.

In Molise, requests have been made to install photovoltaic panels on approximately 2,000 hectares of fertile agricultural land, located in Lower Molise. These are absurd and unacceptable requests if we take into account that in Molise there are about 36,000 hectares of land classified as non-agricultural, where the installation of photovoltaic panels could take place without damaging the

The production of electricity from renewable sources represents a necessary step to combat climate change and to ensure energy independence for our country by removing it from the dependence and blackmail of the nations that own the fossil fuels. The war against Ukraine, unleashed by Russia, has dramatically highlighted how risky and economically unsustainable energy dependence is. But, precisely for this reason, it is necessary that the development and production of electricity from renewable sources does not take place by subtracting fertile land intended for agriculture and breeding. The dependence on foreign countries to satisfy the need for food is certainly no less serious and dangerous than energy dependence, as the story of the export of grain from Ukraine is highlighting.

The associations that promoted the appeal, addressing the highest office of the State, wanted to denounce and shed light on “the disturbing choice made by the Molise Region which, in contravention of European, national and regional legislation, is granting without any hesitation authorizations for the construction of photovoltaic and wind farms on fertile farmland, subtracting them from agriculture which, with its food and wine productions, represents one of the most significant and characteristic economic items of Molise.”

“Molise – concludes Slow Food Termoli – is the only region to have lost population since the unification of Italy. Every year several thousand Molises leave their region. Destroying agriculture means favoring the abandonment of the countryside and the depopulation of the Molise municipalities, for this reason the protection of fertile land is an indispensable condition for saving the future of Molise.”

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