Change at the top in the Order of Chemists and Physicists of Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise

Change at the top in the Order of Chemists and Physicists of Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise
Change at the top in the Order of Chemists and Physicists of Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise
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Elected the new Governing Council

The new Council of the Order of Chemists and Physicists of Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise has just taken office, which in the first usual meeting assigned the following positions:

To the doctor Renato Presilla, Umbrian, assigned the presidency; professional chemist and entrepreneur of high depth, he has a great deal of experience behind him having also held national positions on the board of both the Organization and the Federation.

“In a world that changes very fast – says Dr. Presilla – with the emergence of new needs and requirements related to environmental protection, the evolution of new materials and new technologies, professionals, especially chemists and physicists, are required to make available the great cultural baggage of which they are custodians . The legislative framework of our splendid Italy, starting from the Constitution, entrusts a privileged role in this sense to professional associations, subsidiary bodies of the State.

This is why I consider it important, in continuity with the board that preceded me, to pursue with determination the interests of chemical and physicists professionals enrolled in the Order who now more than ever represent a resource for the entire country.

Being supported by various colleagues who were already leaders in the outgoing council and reconfirmed in this electoral round honors me: in particular the appointment as treasurer of Fabrizio Martinelliformer president emeritus of the Order, forward-looking entrepreneur, industrial chemist with administrative and professional know-how, EPAP manager, will be of fundamental support for the fulfillment of this new mandate, my colleague Patricia Verduchi Vice-President of the Order, chemist who has been present for more than five years in the life of the Order, businesswoman and long-experienced professional, EPAP manager.

The colleague was reconfirmed among the councilors Serena Mattiellograduated in analytical chemistry and applied methodologies, entrepreneur, who despite her young age, fully represents the new generation of Chemical and Physical Professionals, to whom everyone is looking for a new, young, competent governance, with new ideas and in step with the times”

With the position of secretary, also reconfirmed by dott.ssa Rita Comfortmedical physicist expert in radiotherapy, multi-specialized in the sectors of risk management and health economics and management.

Physicist Dr. Gian Marco Contessaresearcher in Enea, the chemist dott. Andrew Ambrosettitechnical officer at Arpa Lazio, the chemist dott.ssa Caroline Ferrantiresearcher at ISS, the chemist and outgoing president of the Order of Chemists and Physicists LUAM, dott.ssa Claudia Barreca.

declares Doctor Fabrizio Martinelliformer president emeritus: “I thank the colleagues who wanted to renew their trust in our list, despite the professional and institutional commitments that see me committed to the improvement of the profession also in the top management of Epap, I considered re-nomination a dutiful and necessary choice.


Dutiful because it is essential for us to train the new ruling class of chemists and physicists by transferring to them all the know-how gained over time, necessary, out of an institutional duty that sees me and sees us committed to transmitting those values ​​that have guided us in the good management of the Body”.

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The aim of the newly established Governing Council is to strengthen the dialogue with the institutions and in the territories to continue to enhance and protect the profession and professionalism of Chemists and Physicists, working towards a development perspective increasingly focused on the needs of the members and in continuous evolution, so as to create a network and guarantee an ethical approach oriented towards closeness and support, even in a working, political and institutional landscape that is changing as never before.

Four fields of commitment:

Collaborations and institutional relations: more meaning and value to the profession of Physicist and Chemist; the Order and the needs of the members: side by side at 360 degrees; training as a pillar for professional development; the orientation of young people in synergy with the universities.

Points that take into account the needs of two categories of professionals, Chemists and Physicists who with the Reform of the health professions refer to a single professional Order, but who care about the needs of citizens and the territory and who with their skills contribute to the improvement of eco-sustainable development, providing high-level professionalism to institutions, businesses and individual citizens.

“Chemists and Physicists know they have to make their professional know-how available to improve and grow the country’s economy, and that’s why, even the election of the executive bodies of a professional order like ours represented a moment in the democratic life which has its repercussions on the social system” – declares Dr. Patrizia Verduchivice president – ​​the board of the institution intends to give constant attention to the new provisions and bills involving the professions of chemist and physicist, also thanks to the synergistic action of colleagues already present in the ministerial apparatus, commissions or technical tables.

It will be essential to develop continuous communication with the representatives of colleagues working in the public administration; create greater collaboration with teachers, universities and academic staff training institutes by accrediting the LUAM Order as a training body at the MIUR; support colleagues in appeals for local tenders and notices by enhancing the involvement of the Bar’s legal office”.

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