Violence against women, La Russa: in the Lombardy Region it increases by 13%

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The data emerged from the intervention of the regional councilor for Security, Immigration and local Police, Romano La Russa, at the conference ‘Don’t call it love. How to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship’ which was held at Palazzo Pirelli in Milan.

“To combat gender-based violence – he explained – teamwork is increasingly necessary, which must already start at school. As far as feminicides are concerned, the data provided to us by the Police testify that in 69% of cases the perpetrator is the husband, ex-husband or partner and that often the victim leaves behind small children. Women must have the courage to denounce”.

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FUNDAMENTAL ROLE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENTS AND LOCAL POLICE – “And it is also for this reason – added La Russa – that the role played by law enforcement agencies to which women turn for help is so important and delicate, starting with local police officers.

AGENTS TRAINING – “As Department of Security – he reiterated – we organize focus and specific sessions on gender-based violence to train our local police operators. This year we trained 221 agents through 3 specific courses”.

“The sensitivity of the agents – concluded the regional councilor for security – combined with the work of the social services, can really make the difference and allow many women to save themselves and live a better life”.

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