Agriculture: Lazio first for start-ups created with EU funds – Lazio

Agriculture: Lazio first for start-ups created with EU funds – Lazio
Agriculture: Lazio first for start-ups created with EU funds – Lazio
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Honored, 1 billion and 105 million invested, 1,930 new start-ups

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 24 – “Thanks to the funds of the Rural Development Program, we have invested 1 billion and 105 million euros for agriculture in Lazio, conquering the first place in Italy for startups created with 1,930 new young farmers Very important numbers, behind which is the history of the PSR Lazio 2014-2022 and the future of regional agriculture.

A path in which the driving measures have undoubtedly been the measures aimed at young people, organic farming, animal welfare, investments. In addition to the new startups, we have in fact supported 2,010 livestock farms and 6,700 organic farms, positioning us in the organic sector as the third region in Italy. It is evident that we are not only talking about numbers but about lifeblood. For those who get up at dawn to work the land, look after the animals, preserve the territory, and who would probably be unlikely to be able to support their company without European funds, the Regions that implement the programmes, organisations, technicians, consultants to support the business management and guide the farmer in the paths of subsidized finance. Communicating these numbers is not a show. It is important for everyone to understand the opportunities of the Feasr/Psr and how much these resources represent the lifeblood of the regional agricultural and economic system. Let’s say it clearly. We have clear objectives for the 2023-2027 programming and we have been working for months around the key concepts: support for young people, research and innovation, precision agriculture, fair distribution of income along the production chain, sustainable growth in terms of organic and integrated agriculture, defense of the value of production and promotion of the highly prized made in Lazio, greater attention to gender policies and the enhancement of social responsibility, the fight against climate change, healthy food accessible to all”. Lazio, Enrica Onorati during the first stage of the PSR Lazio Tour at the Garum – Museo della Cucina in Rome.(ANSA).


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