Between the wooden bench and the inkwell

Between the wooden bench and the inkwell
Between the wooden bench and the inkwell
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The expansion of the exhibition itinerary of the Ethnographic Museum of Friuli continues through the creation of the new permanent room dedicated to school education in Friuli called Between the wooden bench and the inkwell. Once upon a time schoolwill be inaugurated at the Ethnographic Museum of Friuli on Wednesday 30 November at 11.

The wooden bench and the inkwell recall the school of our great-grandparents or our grandparents. The room contains the materials virtuously donated by the master Gaetano Vinciguerra who, over the last few years, has carried out a meritorious rescue work of the most representative materials of the educational institution in Friuli and, in particular, of the urban and rural schools of the area of Udine. The far-sighted action of the city administration has thus made it possible to receive this exceptional collection as a donation from the master, the result of systematic attention to safeguarding the school heritage otherwise destined to be forgotten and dispersed on the antiques market.

The arrangement of the hall allows a journey into a period of our history which marked the transition to the management of the State of the elementary schools which until then had been municipal. A significant part of the exhibition is made up of materials of the time, such as the furnishings of the classrooms, the pupil’s kit, report cards, registers and even notebooks where the Friulian language was used and regional culture was studied. We find the dictations of the teachers, the illustrated compositions of the pupils, their diaries and the chronicle pages of the life of the time, all reported in the notebooks with care for beautiful writing and order. The call to obedience and the use of the wand remind us of the severity of the school at the time. The exhibits on display come from the schools of Udine and Friuli.

The exhibition itinerary allows you to make a comparison with today’s reality so different in terms of teaching methodologies, approaches and contents. The room will be at the center of debates and conferences that will involve teachers in training and in service, a place for discussion and comparison between the present and the past to grasp the future orientations of education and instruction starting from our roots.

Ethnographic Museum of Friuli, Palazzo Giacomelli, via Grazzano 1. From Friday to Sunday: 10am – 6pm, 0432-12729220,

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