Alba, concrete help to flood-hit businesses in the Marche region thanks to the Rotary Club lunch –

Alba, concrete help to flood-hit businesses in the Marche region thanks to the Rotary Club lunch –
Alba, concrete help to flood-hit businesses in the Marche region thanks to the Rotary Club lunch –
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On Saturday 12 November, in Cherasco, at the “La porta delle Langhe” restaurant, the district seminar dedicated to the Rotary Foundation was held, which collects donations and allocates them to international projects (polio eradication, literacy and basic education, development economy, prevention and treatment of diseases, maternal and child health, peace building and conflict prevention, water, sanitation and hygiene) and national, through grants to club projects. This year, for example, the Rotary Foundation financed a part of the female laboratory project for the increase in professionalism presented by the Club of Alba.

The conference, in the presence of the governor Anselmo Arlandini and the incoming governor Remo Gattigliasaw the participation of approximately 200 members from all clubs in District 2032, which brings together the provinces of Cuneo, Asti, Alessandria and the whole of Liguria.

The interventions, moderated by Fortunato Crovaripresident of the district Rotary Foundation commission, explained in a clear and exhaustive manner all the various financing possibilities – Global Grants and District Grants – student exchange projects, Peace Scholarships, insisting on planning and synergy between various clubs.

The Rotary Foundation has received a 4-star rating (the maximum) from the Charity Navigator, an independent evaluation agency for US charities for 14 consecutive years for its financially efficient mission (it allocates 90% of the funds raised to projects) and transparency .

Lunch was held on Sunday 13 November at the “Ca’ del Lupo” restaurant in Montelupo Albese Truffles and Barolo 2022. The taste of solidaritya traditional appointment of the Rotary Club of Alba; the event was invented by Lorenzo Gallo in 2018 to raise funds to support the families who were victims of the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa. The following year it was the turn of the Rotary Campus, the initiative aimed at disabled young people, while last year we bought shelter boxes for Haiti; this year the proceeds will flow into the district service to support the small medium enterprises (mainly agricultural) which were heavily damaged by the flood in the Marche region in September and support them in recovery.

The lunch brought together the excellences of our territory: the white truffle of Alba, the Barolo, the raw ham of Cuneo and the Alta Langa.

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The participation was numerous; 70 people came from the rest of Piedmont, from Liguria, from Lombardy to taste a truffle of remarkable quality, harvested from Stephen Drocco and from trusted trifolai, the excellent Barolo della Piazzo winery and the Alta Langa of Lands of Barologuided in the tasting by Ico Turra and the delicious Cuneo raw ham which is gradually gaining the favor of an increasingly large clientele and which has been presented by Clare Astesanopresident of the Consortium for the protection and enhancement.

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