Calabria: Found in possession of 300 grams of cocaine and various ammunition

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The Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria continues to combat drug trafficking, which is one of the main objectives, in the broad plan to combat this rampant criminal phenomenon and the illicit proceeds deriving from it, thanks to a constant capillary action of control of the territory.

In recent days, within the wide range of services set up in this context, soldiers of the Operational Section of the Reggio Calabria Company, and of the Carabinieri Stations of Catona and Ortì, arrested in the act of committing a crime, a 28-year-old man from the Arghillà district north of Reggio Calabria, cohabitant, unemployed, already known to the police, for drug dealing.

In particular, the young man was surprised by the operators while he was intent on transferring 1.5 grams of “cocaine” to a user contextually identified and reported to the Prefectural Authority. Attempting to escape police control, the man was shortly after stopped in his own car and caught in another attempt to get rid of a cellophane wrapper containing 30 aluminum doses for a total weight of 50 grams of the drug type “cocaine” and the cash sum of 350 euros.

As a result of a subsequent house search in an uninhabited apartment, adjacent to the residence of the “pusher”, the operating soldiers also identified a wall safe which, thanks to the collaboration of the carabinieri of the Rapid Intervention Rate (API), was possible undock and open. Inside the same, a further 200 aluminum doses were found, for a total weight of 300 grams of cocaine drug, 177 9X19 caliber “Luger” cartridges, 7 cartridges of different calibers, 2 precision electronic scales and different materials for packaging.

Investigations are underway in order to identify the holders of what was found inside the apartment which was found to be uninhabited, while the drugs, ammunition and material found were subjected to seizure and kept at the disposal of the Judicial Authorities.

The cash sum proceeding from the criminal activity, on the other hand, will be paid into a judicial postal deposit book.


Following the validation of the arrest, the man was subjected to house arrest, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority.

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An operation, which testifies to the attention of the Arma to the peripheral areas of the capital, through daily surveillance, and the widespread collection of information made possible by the Carabinieri Stations, the first sensors in the area.

Since this is a proceeding in the preliminary investigation phase, the subsequent determinations in the procedural phase remain unaffected.

Provincial Carabinieri Command of Reggio Calabria

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