Air Sea Italia, cold chain and packaging at the highest levels

Air Sea Italia, cold chain and packaging at the highest levels
Air Sea Italia, cold chain and packaging at the highest levels
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Air Sea Italia is the point of reference for all customers operating in the dangerous goods market and in the pharmaceutical cold chain. For over thirty years, Air Sea Italia has been distributing exclusively for Italy and the Canton of Ticino, the certified products and services of Sensitech and Air Sea Containers, global companies respectively leaders in the cold chain and transport packaging solutions sectors of dangerous goods and infectious material.

High standards for over thirty years

The company, based in Fidenza, in the province of Parma, was born in 1989 from an idea of ​​the current director Angel Marks: the last one on the right in the photo in which they also appear, from the left, Roberta Tonelli (Customer Service), Elena Amendola (Commercial Back Office), Andrea Lombardino (Commercial Manager for Central-Southern Italy), Francesco Rigo (Sales Manager for Northern Italy) e Claudia Marchi (Company Owner). Today, as in the past, the goal is to help customers comply with the strict regulations governing the pharmaceutical market and the transport of dangerous goods, offering only products with high standards, certified and validated to always guarantee maximum safety and quality. These include isothermal systems for the transport of temperature-controlled medicines, isothermal bags for the transport of samples by pharmaceutical sales reps, temperature recorders for monitoring shipments, even in real time, and advanced packaging solutions. An example is represented by Sensitech’s dataloggers (devices used to store data), 100% calibrated and tested before sale.

Four success factors

“We are able to guarantee safety and efficiency – reads a corporate note from Air Sea Italia – by focusing on four fundamental points: security of supply continuity; full service (Sensitech offers solutions for monitoring drugs both in stock and in transit by land/air/sea); global coverage (presence worldwide); high quality (many certifications, both of Sensitech and of its products)”.

As for the first point, Air Sea Italia points out that so far the supplies of Sensitech-branded temperature and humidity recorders have not suffered significant impacts caused by the pandemic: “the group – continues the note – has fourteen production plants scattered around the world that adapt their production capacity according to needs”.
A separate chapter concerns the packaging. Those of Air Sea Containers differ in variety, quality, safety and reliability: there are over 700 solutions for dangerous goods, almost all UN approved to contain packing groups I, II and III, simplifying the choice by the user. The UN approved packaging is tested, approved and certified by independent bodies and the Air Sea Containers brand is recognized worldwide: in this way the customer can easily pass customs controls.

New products in the pharmaceutical cold chain

In 2022 the temperature logger offering has expanded with the TempTale Ultra BLE, a Bluetooth datalogger that provides some additional wireless benefits. It is a next generation device that enables touchless temperature checks of last mile shipments in the life sciences industry. With this device the most sensitive products are stored, shipped and received within their ideal temperature range or easily identified if temperatures have exceeded alarm limits. The slim design fits into the smallest packaging, making the TempTale Ultra BLE ideal for clinical kits, laboratory and biologic shipments, and direct last mile to patient, pharmacies, hospitals, and physician offices. The main advantages offered by this technology are:

  • Conveniently view the temperature alarm status in the TempTale mobile app or via the monitor’s large LCD screen
  • an intuitive mobile application ensures that delivery drivers can easily check the condition of the product without opening the package
  • improve recipient compliance by seamlessly uploading encrypted data from mobile app to ColdStream Select software to meet 21 CFR Part 11
  • Secure PDF files easily forwarded to quality from an iOS or Android smartphone

the secondary USB is available for data download or reprogramming via a PC, for partners without a smartphone

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