Trento, Matteo Spagnolo and the positive integration into the environment

Trento, Matteo Spagnolo and the positive integration into the environment
Trento, Matteo Spagnolo and the positive integration into the environment
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Matthew Spanishplaymaker of the Dolomiti Energia Trentino, on the columns of L’Adige in the round, starting with the imminent match on Sunday at 5pm against Virtus Segafredo Bologna, to his experience with the national team and his acclimatization, he was born on the sea in Brindisi, in a mountain city like Trento.

Virtus and Teodosic. “The external department of Virtus is of the highest level, as is the whole roster of the Vu Nere in general. On the perimeter it will be important to keep the pressure up and try to create advantages, making the most of each possession: it’s one of those matches in which we will pay dearly for every little mistake we make. For me it’s fantastic to be able to play against opponents of the caliber of Milos Teodosic, a player who I have followed and admired a lot growing up, who is an idol for me: the way he attacks, his vision of the game, his personality. We will have to put great energy into the field, not allow Virtus extra possessions, keep the pace up by running in transition every time we get the chance because they are really very, very strong in defense, and the fact that they are still unbeaten in the league proves it. But we feel ready to play a good match: in these days, after the physical aches and pains, we have trained a lot, and with great intensity. We are very happy with this because playing every three days it is not easy to find the moments to be in the gym and grow together.”

Spaniard stopped by an injury for the national team. “I was very sorry not to be in Pesaro and Tbilisi because this blue is a wonderful group. We’ve been playing together for a few years now and we’re building something important. The national team remains another prestigious goal of mine, being blue is stimulating and fantastic. I work day after day with the will to continue wearing that tricolor shirt.”

Trento, team and city. “I feel great in an expert group made up of very intelligent players, who know how to help each other on the pitch and find the right choice. I think we’re on the right track, L’Aquila is fourth with 4 wins and 2 knockouts away in Tortona and Sassari to take away a lot of satisfaction and to achieve weighty results. The company is very organized and full of professionals, but I knew it even before arriving: I was positively surprised by the beauty of the city. Here I really have everything to keep improving and continue my growth process.”

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