BARON, In Italy it’s not enough to have money. Moena…

BARON, In Italy it’s not enough to have money. Moena…
BARON, In Italy it’s not enough to have money. Moena…
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Joe Barone released an interview in today’s edition of de The nation about the Viola Park and not only. These are his words: “We need to be on the spot, I’m staying with it and in four months we’re ready to open Viola Park, but how can we do it without urbanization works (especially the sewers) and if there’s no parking for three thousand fans? For the tramway the date has even slipped to 2026”.

And how do you plan to increase Fiorentina’s income?

Getting to the Champions League, playing in Europe.”

Are you on the finishing line?
“A private person makes faster decisions and Rocco (Commisso, ed) is quick but there are situations in which we need the help of the Municipalities (Florence and Bagno a Ripoli). We ask to be quicker, quicker, we have been waiting for many months and we have to manage a huge place”.

On the next retreat in Moena
“We could do it here at Viola Park with the people who also come to see the city. Roma does it in Trigoria and you can train in the evening as well.”

How much will it cost to run Viola Park?
“Without employees 10 million a year (of which about 5 from energy ed), including costs for maintaining the fields and ornamental greenery, cleaning, surveillance”.


On the stadium?
“I don’t even want to talk about it. The stadium is something of the Municipality that we support, we wait for the works to be done but we are not against it”.

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Did you think you would have all these problems coming to invest in Italy?
“We ran into a difficult reality. Money is not enough”.

The article is in Italian


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