Northern Italy will benefit from new solar plants thanks to Unicredit

Northern Italy will benefit from new solar plants thanks to Unicredit
Northern Italy will benefit from new solar plants thanks to Unicredit
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In the regions of Veneto and Piedmont, 8 new solar plants are planned, worth 31 million financed by Unicredit.

The Unicredit group finances a green loan of 31 million for the greenfield construction of 8 new solar plants in Northern Italy. The independent platform for the development and management of renewable energies, Chiron Energy, would have signed a loan on a project finance basis with Unicredit, obtaining 31 million euros divided over various credit lines. The plants will be built mainly in the Veneto and Piedmont areas within non-agricultural areas.

«UniCredit has made a concrete commitment to the transition towards a green and sustainable economy through financial support to customers who want to invest in transforming their production model. This operation for the Chiron group demonstrates our ability to make innovative solutions available to customers that can also have a positive impact on the country’s energy independence, in line with European and national programs» declared Marco Bortoletti, Lombardy Regional Manager of Unicredit.

Once in operation, the plants will make it possible to avoid emissions of over 35,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year with a saving of approximately 4.2 million cubic meters of methane gas used each year for the production of electricity from fossil fuels.

The project finance green loans established by Unicredit, it is one of the first in Italy to finance hybrid solar greenfield projects and will have a long-term duration with elements of substantial innovation for this type of asset.

“We are very pleased to have successfully completed this new and important financing operation in support of ours greenfield pipeline of utility scale solar systems. An operation that is at times innovative and complex, which confirms our ability to quickly implement challenging projects in such a delicate historical moment in which the fight against climate change and energy independence have become objectives that are both priority and urgent to achieve. We are therefore extremely proud to be able to contribute through our projects to the energy revolution of Italy and Europe.” said Paolo Pesaresi, CEO of Chiron Energy.

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