Antonino, Gandalf and a cart: from Bagheria to Assisi passing through Abruzzo

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Antonino Buttitta and his special journey.
He left Sicily to reach Assisi. The particularity? He did it with a cart pulled by a horse, the faithful Gandalf the grey. A 360-degree journey: alive, spiritual, to launch a message of peace and in the sign of the rediscovery of authenticity.

There is hay, there are two bags with the essentials for the trip, a cart about forty years old and a destination on the horizon, Assisi.
This is how he left, last October from Bagheria, Antonino Buttitta, a Sicilian lover of travel and not just any travel. Behind him, in fact, Antonino already has kilometers traveled under the sun or rain, in the company of his loved one Gandalf the grey.
Thus it happens to meet him on the street, between the passage of a car and a cyclist along the Regional road 82 of the Liri Valley, at the height of the municipal area of ​​Civita d’Antino.

Photo by Domenico Fantauzzi

In an era in which the fashion is to leave for exotic, very distant destinations… my desire is to rediscover the true profound meaning of travel. In this case, the destination is Assisi, an authentic city of peace”. A declaration that Antonino, before leaving his Sicily, had released in a service of TV wavein the space BellaSicilia.itto then continue his adventure, destination Assisi.
An experience that comes after the journey from Bagheria to Etnawith his Sicilian cart.
Assisi is the destination of a journey which, therefore, through hard work, intense emotions and continuous discoveries, also wants to be a path towards peace: in a dark historical moment, with the war raging thousands of kilometers from our homes.

Antonino left his house on last October 4, a non-random date. His journey began on the day it is celebrated St. Francis of Assisi. Since then, Antoninus the traveler sets out determinedly during the day and stops for the night, resting and finding shelter, even though outside of Sicily he doesn’t have many acquaintances. With him the faithful Gandalf the gray, his horse, a name that reveals a passion for Middle-earth and for the literary masterpieces (which later became a cinematographic cult) of JRR Tolkien.
Antonino was born into a family of carters, hence the travels “they are a family tradition”: then Covid19 arrived, which led him to have more time to dedicate to his horse. From here the memory of the “old walks with grandparents” and the initiative to get back on the road was born. Not just to cross Sicily, but to go further and further away. And his journey sees him, these days, crossing Abruzzo.
Good luck to Antonino and Gandalf, so that they can go further and further, pursuing the dream of a better world.

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