Palma Campania, Massimiliano Gallo and Alessandro Haber at the Vincenzo Russo Prize

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Palma Campania, 17 November – Spotlight on the history and excellence of the area in Palma Campania, where the prestigious cultural review of the Russian Days, established in 2000 and embellished for some years by the final gala evening of Vincent Russo Award.

A double appointment – promoted by the Municipal Administration led by the mayor Nello Donnarummaon the initiative of the Department of Culture, headed by Elvira Franzese – which has become over time a pleasant and interesting stage in the local tradition. The event is entirely focused on the knowledge and appreciation of the Jacobin patriot, politician and thinker Vincenzo Russoborn in Palma Campania in 1770 and became the protagonist and martyr of Neapolitan Revolution of 1799 precisely because of his commitment of a political and philosophical nature, inspired by the ideals of freedom and democracy.


The event, which saw the artistic direction Dino Lauriadministrator of the Michelangelo 1915 Publisherhas enriched its program with an artistic-literary competition announcement, intended for the first and second grade secondary schools of the area, which have produced over seventy elaborates – in video format – dedicating themselves to the theme “The road that leads to the Peace and Happiness of peoples”, values ​​inspired by Russo’s political and philosophical thought. The works developed by the students have been submitted to the vision of a jury of experts, which will award three for the lower secondary classes and three for the upper secondary classes, reserving vouchers for the winners that can be spent to attend theatrical performances and/or concerts/ and/or cultural/film festivals.


Local schools were invited to participate in the cultural events promoted by the city administration. Girls and boys from local schools will have the opportunity to meet and talk – at the theater hall of the Municipality of Palma Campania – Ciro Raia, Anna Maria Rao And Antonella Oreficehistorians and scholars of Vincenzo Russo and the Neapolitan Revolution.


On 19 November, starting at 18:00, the event will take place in the Church of SS Rosario in via Municipio, which will bring the curtain down on the “four days” of events dedicated to the memory of Vincenzo Russo. Once the winning classes of the schools that took part in the artistic-literary competition have been awarded, space will be given to the guests of honor of the event: the appreciated actor Maximilian Gallo and award-winning director Alexander Haber. To present the final evening of the Vincent Russo Award (2022 edition) will be Roberta AmmendolaRai journalist.


Subsequently, the “Prize” will be awarded to local personalities who have particularly distinguished themselves in their professional sectors.

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These the “excellence” who have won the coveted award: Dr Melancholic Angel, director of mental health services in Molise; the doctor Valeria Moffadirector of the Allievi Agenti School of Police of the State of Campobasso; the businessman Francesco Franzese, CEO of the company “ICAB – La Fiammante”; the lawyer and professor Raffaele Iervolino, professor of Civil Law; the lawyer John NunziataCanadian of Palmese ancestry, member of the House of Commons in Canada; Giusi Iervolino, university researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno; the university teacher Anna Maria Raoprofessor emerita of Modern History at the Federico II University of Naples.


«During our administrative mandate, it was our firm intention to encourage the interest and participation of the community – and of the territory in general – in what represents an authentic flagship of our beloved land. Vincenzo Russo is a gigantic point of reference with which we have to deal every day, as administrators of a territory that needs certainties, values ​​and good examples to follow. Nurturing the culture and history of Palma Campania and its best offspring is our task, so that whoever judges our commitment and our work in the future can be proud and in turn undertake to carry on this and many other events that raise the quality and the importance of being fellow citizens of Vincenzo Russo».


«The Russian Days and the Vincenzo Russo Prize are appointments that have rightfully entered the program of cultural events that we carry out annually in Palma Campania and undoubtedly represent its “spearhead”. Knowing, studying, deepening the historical, political and existential events of our most illustrious fellow citizen, who died to make the echo of indissoluble values ​​such as freedom, peace and democracy resonate above, must be a Source of pride and inspiration for all of us, with the further incentive to follow his example and enhancing the ideals of Vincenzo Russo through the recognition of a prize dedicated to him for the great “Excellence” of our territory»

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