“We didn’t know what to do”: Giulio Gallera talks about Covid in Lombardy

“We didn’t know what to do”: Giulio Gallera talks about Covid in Lombardy
“We didn’t know what to do”: Giulio Gallera talks about Covid in Lombardy
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He admits guilt, but at the same time justifies himself and his staff: “Diary of an unconventional war. Our fight against the virus” (published by Guerini e Associati, € 18.00) is the report that the then Councilor for Welfare of Pirellone Julius Gallera wrote to tell (his) truth about the facts that, like a sudden and devastating hurricane, have hit our region since February 20, 2020, when the first Lombard patient infected with Covid-19 was reported to him. He spoke about it in a detailed report to the members of the Casalmaggiore Viadana Sabbioneta Rotary Club on the evening of Monday 14 November (invited by Mario Fazzi), retracing as a diary facts, events and frenetic encounters that will then mark the fate and deaths of thousands of people, confessing the unpreparedness for an event of this magnitude, but emphasizing the solitude in which he, Fontana and all the administrative apparatus of Lombardy were left by the central government. It is against Conte, above all, but also against Speranza, Salvini and the other politicians, that Gallera lashes out in his book, which “is not a defensive speech, nor a scientific volume”, but an attempt to provide his version of events dramatic, unexpected and about which there was no preparation, and how they managed to deal with them, in his opinion better than what the media wave has made us perceive. Lombardy was just emerging from a very serious emergency, that of the cases of fulminant meningitis in the lower Sebino, fought with spot checks, mass vaccinations, massive mobilization, prophylaxis: “We proved ourselves ready on this front, but then … we didn’t There has been no warning about Covid-19; until mid-January, as reported in the circular of the Ministry of Health of 22 January, it was stated that the risk ‘of introducing the infection into Europe, through imported cases, is moderate’. Translated, you don’t have to worry too much “. And instead… We weren’t prepared, no one had given any indications, tools, operating methods: “We found ourselves driving with the lights off on a dark night, and it was very difficult and complex”. The book, with a foreword by Alessandro Salustiwas donated to all members and guests present at the convivial: it is certainly the means to justify shortcomings and defects in the Region’s organizational machine, but also to highlight what has been achieved to stem an unexpected pandemic, between hospitals from the field, reconversion of health facilities, impositions and closures to stem the spread of the virus, and then vaccinations, still opposed by too many of the population, a concept also reaffirmed by Enzo Rose in his speech. They were present at the evening, which was introduced by the president Victor Bortolottimany doctors, local professionals and administrators, including Daniela Sarzi Sartori, Giampaola Brozzi, Barbara Righi, Alessandra Martelli, Alessio Pedrazzini, Luigi Borghesi, Mara Azzi, Silvia Angelicchiothe assessors Romina Marchini And Rossella Bacchi (Sabbioneta and Viadana), the Rotaract president Sebastiano Fortugno and Carlo Cassani And Dominic Malesassistant governor of Gruppo Terre Padane.

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