what does the Minister of Health say

what does the Minister of Health say
what does the Minister of Health say
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The Minister of Health says he is preparing an ordinance: “Covid positives without symptoms will be able to return to normal life after 4 or 5 days”.

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There normalization of Covid. This is the line, very clear from day one, adopted by the Meloni government. And, specifically, by the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci. The first steps were taken with the decree at the beginning of November, even if the new line earned the executive harsh criticism from some experts. Then there was the Gemmato case, in recent days. The undersecretary who said he doesn’t know if the Covid vaccines work. Yesterday evening Minister Schillaci was a guest at Porta a Porta on Rai 1 and drew the line on what will happen in the coming weeks: “Asymptomatic patients positive for Covid, after 4 or 5 days, I think they can be returned to normal activity – he said – Even those with mild symptoms can return earlier, after at least 24 hours of absence of fever, perhaps with some precautions such as a mask, to protect the most fragile“. And announced “an ordinance that we are preparing“.

Minister Schillaci underlined that we are in an endemic phase of Covid: “To get back to normal we must have the same precautions we had before for the flu – has explained – When you were sick with the flu, as soon as the symptoms ended you went back to work“. Today “we are even more responsible in this and we use the mask when we are in the presence of more fragile people“.

As for the fines for no-vax over 50s, which are still valid for hundreds of thousands of people who have not complied with the vaccination obligation, Schillaci sent everything back to the Chamber: “The only two states that have fined the unvaccinated and then revoked them are Austria and Greece – he said – For now they have remained with us, let’s see if there will be measures in this sense by Parliament“. Finally, a comment on the Gemmato case: “The undersecretary clarified his position – Schillaci defended him – He got vaccinated, he’s a pharmacist, a category that has contributed a lot to pandemic vaccination“.

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