Syracuse first on oil, Catania on the tec

Syracuse first on oil, Catania on the tec
Syracuse first on oil, Catania on the tec
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In the first six months of 2022 Sicily was the tenth Italian region for exports, selling products abroad for a total of eight billion euros. The regional record belongs to Syracuse with five billion euros, deriving from the export of petroleum products. Excluding refined products, it is Catania that conquers the top of the ranking, with one billion exports, mostly of electronic components made in the so-called Etna Valley, which are mainly destined for Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. This is what emerged during the meeting “Sace for Sicily: export and green” held at the headquarters of Confindustria Catania, during which the data and initiatives of the subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance which provides guarantees to strategic companies were presented Italian. A particularly important role in an international context burdened by the war between Russia and Ukraine and by high energy costs.

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Dynamic Sicilian companies

To provide the numbers of Sace on the island Ignazio Bucalo, relationship manager Sicily – South Area – Mid Corporate. “We have been alongside the growth plans of over 600 companies, also thanks to our presence in Palermo for the past seven years”. The company’s objective, explains the manager, is to help companies focus on exports and internationalisation, favoring investments in sustainability and competitiveness. “In 2021 alone, we supported more than 1,500 projects for a total of 400 million euros, in addition to around 200 million euros of new contracts supported in the first half of this year,” adds Bucolo. Sicily’s numbers bode well for the future, despite the difficult situation due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the current economic crisis. “The data confirm the dynamism of Sicilian companies, which are not ceasing to invest in the future and which continue to demonstrate great growth potential on foreign markets”, concludes Bucolo.

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The experience of food Gustibuis

Several companies on the island have already been helped to “leapfrog” on foreign markets. Like Gustibus Alimentari, a company that produces tomato-based preserves based in the industrial area of ​​Dittaino in Assoro, in the Enna area. “To date, around 40 percent of our turnover is generated on foreign markets, mainly towards the United States, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates and Japan”, says spokesman Angelo Di Natale. Sace’s role, he adds, was important in achieving these results. “He has provided us with guarantees that have allowed us to obtain credit from leading banking institutions. We also benefited from a mini-bond for the construction of a photovoltaic system to improve the company’s sustainability”. The next step, adds Di Natale, is the opening of an office in the United States. “We have an interlocution with Simest, [società del Gruppo cassa depositi e prestiti che supporta le imprese italiane nel mondo, ndr] which we hope to close as soon as possible”

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Catania focuses on electronics and food

The president of Confindustria Catania, Antonello Biriaco, expressed his satisfaction with the numbers of Etna exports. “Excluding the refined we are the first Sicilian city for exports. The numbers show that our brand works and our entrepreneurs know how to work very well”. Among the flagships of the Etna area are electrical and electronic appliances (50 per cent), agricultural products (11 per cent), food and drink (11 per cent) and pharmaceuticals (nine per cent), which in recent years have conquered an increasingly important space on foreign markets”. Biriaco reiterates the importance of Sace’s role. “The company provides, as quickly as possible, funding and guarantees that are fundamental to focus on internationalization, and more”, explains the president of Confindustria, which acts as an “intermediate body between the territory and Sace” in order to ensure that “our companies, and above all SMEs, can increasingly look abroad”

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