Region: the negotiation on the councilors is unlocked – Sicily

Region: the negotiation on the councilors is unlocked – Sicily
Region: the negotiation on the councilors is unlocked – Sicily
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Four of Fdi will complete the regional council

(ANSA) – PALERMO, NOVEMBER 15 – With the declaration concerning the acceptance of the designation of councilor and the specific indication of not being in the situations of incompatibility foreseen by the law, the interlocking of the appointments is going to be perfected today of the new regional executive. Among the last to provide for this type of task, in the next few hours, the four councilors designated by FdI.

After a long night of negotiations, a push and pull between the president of the Region Renato Schifani who did not want to open to the outside, among non-parliamentarians, Elena Pagana, wife of the former councilor Ruggero Razza and Francesco Scarpinato and Giorgia’s party Meloni, in the end the agreement was reached according to the Roman requests of FdI.

The four from FdI who complete the junta are therefore: Alessandro Aricò (Infrastructure); Elvira Amata, Cultural Heritage, Francesco Scarpinato (Tourism); Elena Pagana (Territory). Instead, she failed, but perhaps served to speed up the closing of the agreement, the request of the Melonians on health in place of the area technician Giovanna Volo, designated by the Azzurri. Schifani didn’t give up on this, maintaining his position in the end.

The presentation of the government team could take place tomorrow morning, before the courtroom session at the Ars where the swearing-in of the new executive will take place. The councilors whose names had already been confirmed would be: for the Lega Luca Sammartino (Agriculture) and then Mimmo Turano who takes the place of the announced Vincenzo Figuccia. Roberto Di Mauro should go for the Mpa all’Energia. For Forza Italia there would be Marco Falcone in Economy, Edy Tamajo in Productive Activities and Giovanna Volo in Health. For the DC of Cuffaro, Nuccia Albano should be councilors for the Family and Andrea Messina for the Local Authorities. (HANDLE).


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