Naples, dispute over a drug, nurse attacked and threatened at Santobono. The patient’s mother: “I’ll shoot you”

Naples, dispute over a drug, nurse attacked and threatened at Santobono. The patient’s mother: “I’ll shoot you”
Naples, dispute over a drug, nurse attacked and threatened at Santobono. The patient’s mother: “I’ll shoot you”
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NoonNovember 15, 2022 – 11:33 am

The parents of a 12-year-old disagreed with the drug given to the boy, and they lashed out at the health worker. the police intervened. Faced with the wrath of his parents, the boy in tears begged them to stop

from Fabrizio Geremicca

The tearful son begged his mother and father to calm down and stop threatening the medical personnel, but the undaunted continued. the story of a nurse on duty in the emergency room of Santobon of Naples on the evening of November 14, who wrote to the association Nobody Touches Hippocrates to report the case. Rebuilds: Yesterday evening around 9.30 pm my colleague named C., on duty at the triage, welcomes a 12-year-old boy reporting chest pain and tachycardia, which, however, was not present at the evaluation. The story continues: After having recorded the boy, evaluated the vital signs, palpated and inspected the chest, as per national protocol, the colleague gives the boy Ibuprofen orally and informs the parents of the type of medicine administered.

The threats

At this point, according to the nurse’s account, the patient’s parents start yelling and threatening why they claim the medicine could have adverse effects on their son and why the nurse had failed to ask if he was asthmatic. The administration of Ibuprofen, claims the health worker, does not affect the presence of a possible asthmatic pathology. The fact is that the situation transcends. My colleague, Santobono’s nurse goes on, threatened with a fire extinguisher and then with an oxygen tank. The police arrive and all assistance activities in the emergency room are interrupted, but the twelve-year-old’s parents insist. The mother – says the hospital employee – comes to say that allegedly shot my colleague with one of the police pistols. The victim of the threats removed from colleagues and the police and conducted in one of the rooms provided to the nurses.

The couple reported

The Police officers, with the support of the patrols of the General Prevention office, managed to bring the situation back to calm by identifying the spouses for a41 year old and a 43 year oldNeapolitans with police records, and reported them for interruption of an office or public service or a service of public necessity.

Doctors and nurses: intolerable

And in the aftermath of the story, doctors and nurses intervene on the point: It is no longer tolerable that an entire pediatric emergency department, indispensable for the city, shuts down and lives a night of fear, terror and aggressions of all kinds due to uncivilized and barbarous manifestations of violence, declared Teresa Rea and Bruno Zuccarelli, respectively president of the Order of Nursing Professions and president of the Order of Doctors of Naples, announcing forthcoming common initiatives to stem the phenomenon and safeguard the safety and professional dignity of its members. Nurses and doctors, the note continues, believe that the return of permanent police officers to sensitive healthcare settings, an adequate strengthening of the private police force, the legislative recognition of public officials for doctors and nurses, targeted campaigns can no longer be postponed of information. Any delay in these essential safeguards will be judged irresponsible.

Union alert

For FP CGIL The succession of these episodes has gone beyond the limit and it is necessary for the institutions to intervene effectively and immediately. This umpteenth brutal attack dramatically re-proposes the issue of safety in hospitals and in all healthcare workplaces, writes the union, in particular in the area of ​​the hospital and territorial health emergency in Naples and the initiatives to be implemented to guarantee professionals and the citizens themselves. The FP CGIL deems it necessary, as repeatedly represented in the Prefecture, the restoration of Police posts in the Emergency Departments to guarantee safety and legality to those who work there and to those who turn to these structures for assistance. It is also necessary for the forces of order to intensify checks with continuous patrols of police cars at the most crowded hospitals and for the rules of engagement of the security guards to be reviewed. There is no more time to waste, it is necessary to intervene with the utmost urgency to prevent new episodes of violence in the city and in hospitals against defenseless citizens and workers: everyone must do their part, concludes the note.

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November 15, 2022 | 11:33


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