The theater enters the nursery schools of the Veneto

The theater enters the nursery schools of the Veneto
The theater enters the nursery schools of the Veneto
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For the first time in Veneto, a theatrical project conceived and structured for boys and girls attending the nursery was born: from 10 November to 21 December 2022, for a total of 7 appointments, over 250 boys and girls will be able to experience a unique experience with the actors of the company La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi, engaged since 1987 in a theatrical research dedicated to early childhood and has now become a consolidated reality at national and international level. The initiative, entitled “Bubu7te. I grow with the theater ”, is an idea of ​​the Arteven circuit and is supported by the Veneto Region as part of the“ proximity project ”in collaboration with the Municipalities of Venice, Padua, Rovigo, Vicenza, Verona, Treviso, Belluno.

The shows staged play on simplicity, curiosity and the extraordinary ability to be amazed that only children have: An elephant swayed … tells a story full of possible and impossible things, and impossible things that become possible, as happens in dreams . Journey of a Cloud tells the wonderful journey of initiation of a child who, through a cloud, learns about the different worlds of which the earth is made up. Spot is an adventure in the “light”, to discover its many possibilities to tell. Adventures in the refrigerator is a game of transformations and sudden appearances that accompanies the elements of a surreal adventure. On-Off is a show that supports and enhances the curiosity of children towards light sources, a tribute to their amazement, their interest and also a way to help them not be afraid of the dark and the night.

Each show involves the participation of a maximum of 40 boys and girls, and the day before there is a training meeting between the company and the educators of the structure. The experience of the theater is the closest there is to children from 6 to 36 months, who use mimic representations to express themselves, explain themselves and tell about themselves, and to learn and know the world they watch and listen. The project thus has a double value: it explicitly shows how much children are involved and participatory in theatrical activities – and therefore a potentially extraordinary audience, to which artistic research is worth dedicating – but also how much theater can be an important exercise to better understand the their communicative intentions, their expressions and their feelings, facilitating communication and refining in the adult the ability to understand the language of children.

The program

  • November 10, Nursery School in Venice: AN ELEPHANT WAS SWINGED
  • November 25, Padua Nursery: A CLOUD’S JOURNEY
  • December 13, Rovigo Nursery: SPOT
  • December 15, Vicenza Nursery: ADVENTURES IN THE REFRIGERATOR
  • December 16, Nursery School in Verona: ADVENTURES IN THE REFRIGERATOR
  • December 20, Treviso Nursery: SPOT / ON-OFF
  • 21 December, Nursery School in Belluno: ON-OFF

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