here’s what the situation is. Conditions on board are getting worse

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There is no land on the horizon for the three NGO ships blocked between Malta and the Sicilian coast just outside Italian territorial waters waiting for a safe harbor. At least 17 requests have arrived so far to disembark the castaways, but the situation at sea does not change. Indeed it gets worse. Because the number of migrants aboard boats continues to increase, just as the conditions of passengers are becoming increasingly serious, forced to deal with the rationing of food and water and the adverse weather forecast for the evening.

From the Mediterranean, the logbook of the three NGOs

For 14 days at sea on board Humanity 1 (German flag) there are 179 migrants, many of them in feverish states. “Covid tests are negative but they have skin problems and suffer from the consequences of the violence and the poor conditions in which they lived in Libya»Says Silvia, ship’s doctor, worried about their state of health which, due to the limited space,« could get worse in the next few days ». T.among them more than 100 unaccompanied minors and a 7-month-old baby. The Ocean Viking, flying the Norwegian flag, has also asked for a berth, which has communicated to move from the south of Sicily to the East to due to the worsening of weather conditions expected for the next few hours.We will try to shelter ourselves as much as possible from the sea which is foreseen under force 6 ”, the NGO Sos Méditerranée said. Meanwhile, the situation on the ship is getting worse.The supplies of food and water begin to run out. The 234 people on board are stressed, exhausted and have a health situation that requires immediate care on the ground “they add.

The 572 survivors now aboard the Geo Barents (Norway) were also rescued in international waters, where water for showers began to be rationed. Food supplies are also starting to run low. “It will only take a few more days,” they say from board. The castaways huddled on the deck sleep on the ground and eat freeze-dried food. “A ship is not a reception centersays Candida Lobes of Doctors Without Borders.We have vulnerable people, pregnant women, children, unaccompanied minors ». Three future mothers who to reach the coasts of Europe have found no other way than to face the sea aboard an insecure small boat. Over sixty minors. The youngest is just 11 months old, she comes from Togo, together with her mother and father. She has a cleft lip and difficulty swallowing. Her parents saved her money by working in Libya to get her treatment, but getting a visa was impossible. So also for them the only alternative was the sea. “I am hostage to inhumane policies, neither Italy nor Malta have given us a positive answer for a safe haven,” they say from the NGO. Some of the migrants aboard the humanitarian ship told the rescuers about the hell of Libya. «Months or years of abuse and violence – declares Lobes -, of which they continue to have flashbacks, which affect their mental and physical health. The only thing they need immediately is to land in a port where they feel safe. ‘

Migrants: Italy still stands firm on the fate of NGOs

But Italy does not intend to give up and for now the answer remains spades. In fact, despite Germany having replied thatthe load of human beingsabsolutely must be rescued and also quickly, no step forward has been made by the Italian government. “Germany cannot rescue migrants at sea without notifying the Italian authorities and then saying there is a humanitarian problem but you take care of it»Was the declaration of the Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani, guest of Agorà on Raitre, about the story of the Humanity 1 ship, who then added:If there is a humanitarian problem, the country and the ship to which that country belongs will take charge of it. So if Germany believes that there is a humanitarian problem it should take charge of it, Italy cannot become the refuge of all immigrants ”. More explicit is the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, who targets the flag country of the other two ships: «Where should a Norwegian ship go? Simple, in Norway … », he writes in a tweet. The other minister involved, Piantedosi, who has the task of assigning the ‘place of safety’, is careful not to do so.

Meanwhile, the Farnesina has asked Germany to provide more information on the Humanity passengers, so as to be able to decide whether it is really necessary to disembark them. “When a ship asks to dock, we want to know who is on board, it’s a matter of national security,” Tajani warned at the end of the Berlin summit with Scholz. The tug-of-war, therefore, has just begun, but regardless of the diplomatic negotiation, it remains to be seen what decisions the Interior Ministry will make.

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A fourth ship off the coast of Mediterranean waters

There may be a fourth humanitarian ship awaiting disembarkation. VesselFinder, the app that provides real-time data on the positions and movements of boats, reports the Rise Above of the German NGO Mission Lifeline five miles from the port of Syracuse. The ship would have rescued 95 people yesterday, including many babies and children.

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