Puglia weather, first weekend with a winter flavor: rain and hail

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FOGGIA, 04/11/2022 – (ilmeteo) Cyclone underway over Italy in these hours where the atmosphere has undergone a real metamorphosis passing from a late summer context to a purely autumnal one.

Source: meteoweb

SITUATION AT 07:00 – In fact, in these hours they are in progress rains also scattered in the form of reverse on many areas of the North species in Lombardyon the Liguria from CenterLevantin Emiliaon the bass Veneto and a little bit about the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia. Snowfall they are also reported on Lombard Alpine reliefs and on the border compartments of the Triveneto.
But the bad weather it does not spare even the center of the country. Currently under observation we find the Lazio, Abruzzo and the central-southern district of the Marche. Here too, scattered rains are reported, even with a thunderstorm background, especially on the Adriatic side.
On the other hand, the South is still waiting, where the atmosphere in these early morning is still quiet and dry.




EVOLUTION: what will happen during the day? The cold cyclonic vortex it will quickly move its motor center from north to south. Game force the weather will be doomed to to improve over most of the regions of North and in the afternoon also at Center although we will remain in an unreliable atmospheric context. In short, we also recommend that you keep an umbrella close at hand.

Source: meteoweb

It will go instead getting worse the time at South and on the Sardinia where they will arrive here already in the afternoon heavy rains also in the background thunderstorm which by evening will hit the lower Tyrrhenian area and the westernmost parts of Sardinia with greater vehemence. In these areas, even thunderstorms will also be accompanied by some hailstorm. Here the bad weather will continue throughout the evening and night, while the atmosphere on the rest of the country will gradually become more and more peaceful.

We note in the attached map centered on the day of Friday 4 November, the intense and widespread precipitation expected (pink / yellow color) especially on the extreme Northeast regions and on many areas of the lower Tyrrhenian sector)Precipitation forecast for Friday 4 November 2022

Precipitation forecast for Friday 4 November 2022

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Finally, one should be noted sharp drop in temperatures starting from the central and northern regions, but which will also envelop the rest of the peninsula by evening.

Welcome autumn! (the weather)

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