For the Conapo Fire Brigade, the second air ambulance of the Fvg is a duplicate

For the Conapo Fire Brigade, the second air ambulance of the Fvg is a duplicate
For the Conapo Fire Brigade, the second air ambulance of the Fvg is a duplicate
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“In Friuli Venezia Giulia, new controversies are flaring up over the second helicopter ambulance dedicated to the transport of non-urgent patients and other non-medical interventions. he says astonished that an SSR air ambulance has been destined for ‘interventions that completely escape regional powers, such as: searching for people missing in inaccessible areas, recovery of corpses and unharmed, always in inaccessible areas’ “. The regional councilor Walter Zalukar (Mixed Group) remarked this in a note, adding that “according to the Conapo ‘these activities belong exclusively to the functions exercised by the State, as established in article 117 of the Constitution. public, within the competence of the Ministry of the Interior ‘”.

“One wonders – continues the speech – what is the point of using large public funds to compete with the Fire Brigade since, as the representatives of the Fire Brigade recall, the air service is always active for the performance of non-health public rescue activities of the Fire Brigade. It seems truly paradoxical that a Region uses citizens’ money to create a kind of duplication of a technical rescue service for which it does not seem to have legal competence “.

“We remember – continues Zalukar – that this second daytime air ambulance was activated from last October 1st also, these are the words of the councilor for Health, in order to ‘be able to absorb all the non-emergency activities carried out up to now by the helicopter destined for the rescue ‘. The same councilor, in response to a question, had confirmed what is often disputed as a waste of public money: that, that is, the helicopter rescue was also used in non-urgent health interventions “.

“The Fvg – concludes the note – seems to be the only Region in the world that uses the air vehicle instead of the ambulance for non-urgent services over short and medium distances, despite the fact that each transport costs 100 times as much and has no advantage in terms of effectiveness and safety. But can our Region really afford the luxury of using citizens’ money so generously? Can it really afford to divert money from the health budget to create a kind of duplication of a service that the Fire Brigade already performs very well ? “.

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