Fipe Confcommercio: Frongia at the helm of the regional presidency

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CAGLIARI. “A great achievement for the island that in a formal way has never had a regional management, our first actions are for those who have gone through the pandemic, the tragedy of employment and the increase in consumption”.

This is the goal Emanuele Frongia, former president of Fipe Confcommercio Sud Sardegna, who was elected regional president of the Italian Federation of Public Exercises.

The board, made up of the vice president Alberto Fois of northern Sardinia, the director Silverio Canu of Nuoro Ogliastra and the director Guido Sangaino of Oristano, will remain in office for five years. The watchword for the new body is support for the entire category which is now experiencing dramatic moments. “With our structure that has been formed in a formal way, we can build together a better future for tourism and therefore public businesses”, said the new president Frongia, “we are the interpreters of what happens every day on the island, the first to they welcome tourists who arrive in Sardinia through our shops that also carry on socializing “.

The world of Fipe today counts 11 thousand activities with 22 thousand workers.

“Collaboration with other associations will not be fundamental”, Frongia points out, “for example we want to be part of the agricultural supply chain because the products of our farmers end up on our tables, it is therefore necessary to work with the participation of other economic forces”.

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