Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier of credit – Campania

Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier of credit – Campania
Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier of credit – Campania
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From Naples technological revolution at the service of fintech

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 02 NOV – “We are teaching Artificial Intelligence what we do, we are making it learn our way of working and we will soon include it in customer profiling and engagement processes: in short, the future of credit is strictly linked to the development of technology “.
Antonio Clemente, founder of Aessefin, a financial company founded in 2008 and repurchased in 2021, is convinced of this, which has its head and heart in Naples, despite having decentralized its control centers in Milan.
“With the 2008 crisis the banks had to change any paradigm because it was all complicated and unsustainable – said Clemente in his speech during the first Aessefinday FintechCQ which was held in a hotel on the Naples seafront -. So all that it was true in 2008. It changed from evening to morning in 2008. Today we are in a new evolutionary era, oriented towards the increasingly invasive intervention of technologies in the world of credit and finance.
Now we have to build a new world. “
The new world was presented to a wide audience of operators in the sector, present in the room and to hundreds of professionals connected online thanks to live streaming.
“We need to recover space, advancing towards new frontiers – added Clemente -. Today companies are starting to use automation, but paradoxically these are processes that have already been overcome. One thing that can take us a long way forward and that has a specific goal is ‘artificial intelligence”.
This does not mean that it will be humanoid technology that decides who, how much and how to lend, but that there will be an advanced algorithm that will be able to learn, orient and direct the customer in the best possible way, replacing man in this process.
“We must not see this novelty as a first step to replace the work of a human being – underlined Clemente – but we must consider it an engine that can contribute daily to our way of working and improve it”.
At the opening of the meeting, Giordano Menon, head of the Cessione del Quinto BU of Cofidis Italia, a company owned by Credit Mutuelle, the second largest European banking group, connected via videoconference. “The average timing of transformation from lead to liquidated customer – underlined Menon – with this model is exceptional. In a market still for the most part tied to old distribution schemes, the fintech model makes it possible to reduce time by about a third compared to the best players who operate traditionally ”. At the end of the day, after the speeches by Ruggiero Clemente (CEO of Aessefim) and Vincenzo Ioime (Managing Partner of Aessefim), One Srl was illustrated, an innovative Start Up owner of the platform, described by the CEO. , Antonio Tresca. (HANDLE).


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