Pieve del Grappa (Treviso), the mother of the 23-year-old who was killed speaks

Pieve del Grappa (Treviso), the mother of the 23-year-old who was killed speaks
Pieve del Grappa (Treviso), the mother of the 23-year-old who was killed speaks
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The reconstruction – It’s Halloween night. Miriam Ciobanu, after an argument with her boyfriend, decides to walk home. She walks alone in the dark along the provincial road that crosses Paderno, a hamlet of Pieve del Grappa, in the Treviso area. Alessandro Giovanardi returns to San Zenone degli Ezzelini, after a party. As subsequently ascertained by the carabinieri, he drives with an alcohol level in the body of 1.5 (three times over the permitted limit) and after taking drugs. The impact is violent, so much so that the inhabitants of the area wake up due to the roar. “It was like a bomb”, they will testify later.

Driver is charged with aggravated road murder – The left side of the car and the destroyed windshield, the marks on the asphalt of very long braking, seem to indicate that the car was traveling at high speed at the moment of impact. Witnesses said they saw Giovanardi in tears after the incident. After being injured, the young worker was arrested on charges of aggravated road murder. “I suddenly found it in front of me”, he declared in front of the investigators.

Miriam, the missed call to her father in the middle of the night – Miriam Ciobanu, born in Tolmezzo to parents of Romanian origin, now separated, lived with her father in Fonte, in the province of Treviso. On Monday night she had called her parent at 3 to be picked up but he, asleep, hadn’t heard her phone. She had decided to change faculty from psychology to criminology. In the meantime, she was busy working in a bar, where she had met her nineteen-year-old boyfriend. The two had been together for just over a month.

The desperation of Miriam’s boyfriend: “I feel empty inside” – He finds no peace and Miriam’s boyfriend is desperate. He explains that they had spent an evening in a pizzeria and that the young woman did not want to leave the area on Halloween night. “There are too many drunks around, not to be trusted”, she had confided to the boy. Then, however, the two had quarreled and the 22-year-old decided to leave. “I tried in every way to convince her to stay, I even followed her in the car with my brother (the 19-year-old had an accident recently and therefore cannot drive, ed) and I insisted that she go back, “says her boyfriend to Corriere della Sera. “Hoping that in the meantime he would calm down”, he and his brother had left to go “to buy cigarettes”. On their return, however, Miriam was no longer there. “I thought you had someone come pick you up.” Only the next morning, the girl’s boyfriend heard from her father what had happened. And now he denounces: “I have received death threats: there are those who blame me for what happened”.

Girl’s mother: “Living in hatred wouldn’t bring her back” – Adriana, the girl’s mother, al Corriere della Sera, he says about the 23-year-old driving: “I forgive those who killed my daughter. Living in hatred, harboring a grudge, would not bring my ‘nanny’ back. After all, that boy has already ruined his life with his own hands”.

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