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Danger of listeria in food, over a thousand kilos of dairy products and fresh pasta seized in Campania

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Extensive operation, throughout the national territory, of the carabinieri of the Command for the Protection of Health, aimed at controlling the danger of contamination by listeria in food. Also in Campania, the carabinieri of the Nas (Nucleo antisofisticazioni e salute) of Salerno have controlled numerous commercial establishments dedicated to the production and sale of food, especially raw or fresh, located in the provinces of Salerno, Avellino and Benevento: thousands of kilos of food were seized by the military of the Arma.

The interventions of the Nas in Campania: fines of 330 thousand euros

In particular, in St. Gregory the Greatin the province of Salerno, in a dairy the carabinieri found hygienic-sanitary deficiencies: the military seized 1,700 kilos of cheeses devoid of traceability indications, while the holder was sanctioned with a fine from 1,500 euros. TO Capaccio-Paestumstill in the Salerno area, the carabinieri kidnapped in a laboratory 50 kilos of fresh pasta: also in this case, the holder was fined with 1,500 euros.

Still in the Salerno area, a Fiscianotogether with the ASL, the carabinieri ordered the closure of another laboratory inside a dairy due to serious sanitation deficiencies: seized 2,300 kilos of packaging for dairy products found dirty, while the holder was fined by One thousand Euro.

TO Beneventoon the other hand, due to the start-up notification (so-called Scia), a laboratory of fresh food products was temporarily closed; the fine for the holder was 1,500 euros. Overall, at the end of the operations, the carabinieri have raised penalties for about 330 thousand euros.

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