the Region intervenes to correct an endless scandal “

the Region intervenes to correct an endless scandal “
the Region intervenes to correct an endless scandal “
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We receive and publish an intervention by Antonio Macchia, general secretary of the CGIL of Brindisi, on the serious situation of health care in the Brindisi area

Exams impossible to do because they cannot be booked: the lists are blocked. Exams for which it is necessary to wait until 2024 with delays of up to 19 months. The shortest possible wait for others is not less than 4 months. How do people heal themselves? Waiting lists in the Brindisi area are an endless scandal, the Region intervenes to bring order to a situation that is now out of control. This is what emerges from the data collected by the Brindisi CGIL as part of an in-depth research on the subject in which, in the face of an ever-growing need for health, a delayed health care service corresponds and unfortunately, in several cases, non-existent.

Some emblematic and intolerable examples. It is impossible to perform exams of the type “Nuclear magnetic resonance of the brain and brainstem without and with contrast” (Code 88912), first appointment: not available. The same thing goes for a “Thyroid Ultrasound”. And not only at the Perrino di Brindisi but in every public structure appointed to do so throughout the province. And among those that can be done? Unbelievable but true if you want to book an “Eco (color) dopplergraphy of the upper or lower limbs or arterial district” (code 88772), wait until 2024!

The waiting list is shameful. The minimum delays – which are also intolerable – are 4 months, only for very few branches. But they are still excessive. For years we have opened a health dispute. In Brindisi on several fronts also with other categories including that of the pensioners of the Spi – as well as of the public service – who in recent weeks have given birth to very participatory principals with leaflets in every municipality of the province and the important initiative of the CGIL Puglia and of the Public Administration in Foggia.

We recall, among other things, what the law provides for waiting lists. The general practitioner or specialist for the first visits and the first services must always indicate on the request a priority class to which the standard assigns a maximum waiting time. Here they are code by code: U within a maximum of 3 days, B within a maximum of 10 days, D within a maximum of 30 days for visits and 60 days for diagnostic tests, P within 120 days. In the case of scheduled hospitalizations, however, the forecasts are as follows: A within 30 days, B within 60 days, C within 180 days, D without a defined maximum wait.

In Brindisi, among the lists examined in the search by the Chamber of Labor, so far none of these respects this timing. And how should people who need to be treated do? We will never tire of remembering that health is a constitutionally guaranteed right in this country. But what is being concretely done in Brindisi to put a stop to this situation? What is the ASL doing?


It is time to put a stop to this dangerous drift which deprives citizens of their right to treatment. A right that must not be obtained only by those who can afford it, perhaps by resorting to examinations by paying the private individual handsomely. Especially in an unfavorable economic situation like that of today with skyrocketing inflation and price increases on all fronts.

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Healthcare in Brindisi seems to always be the most penalized in all of Puglia, with a reorganization never completed, with the lowest ratio of beds per inhabitant and there is still talk of further closures, with territorial assistance facilities (closed PTAs) , with a local medicine never started, with structures that have been waiting to be completed for decades, with doctors fleeing from every hospital ward, unsustainable workloads for all health personnel increasingly reduced to the bone, daily complaints of disservices. And just to mention a few situations because the list is endless, but the most disconcerting fact is that in the face of this serious situation, there is no response from those in charge of giving answers to Citizens Users.

The situation is alarming and by now intolerable: the ever-growing weaker sections of the population – and the elderly in particular – cannot afford to resort to private services and this means that they stop taking care of themselves. As Chamber of Labor we will fight this profound injustice and for this reason we invite the Asl Br to have a management policy that is able to trace a concrete perspective action on this very delicate issue, but in particular we call into question the Puglia Region, as a control body , so that it intervenes in a decisive manner, to prevent the provincial health system from spilling over into an inexorable decline that is already abandoning to its fate many citizens who are unable to access services, both preventive and diagnostic, therapeutic, welfare and rehabilitative.

While waiting for the Puglia Region to intervene, to verify the lack of a corporate strategy regarding the serious situation reported, a series of public initiatives and complaints / reports to the Institutional Bodies in charge of guarantee are announced compliance with art. 32 of our Constitutional Charter: affirming “health as a fundamental universal right…”.

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