the bulletin of November 2

the bulletin of November 2
the bulletin of November 2
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I’m 387 the new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last twenty-four hours in Tuscany: 76 were confirmed with a molecular swab and the other 311 with a rapid test. The number of infected people detected in the region since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rises to 1,472,286. New cases are 0.03% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.1% (2,059 people) and reached 1,412,837 (96% of total cases).

At the moment in Tuscany there are therefore 48,448 positive, -3.3% compared to yesterday. Of these 452 (26 less than yesterday) are hospitalized in hospital: 16 (stable) are in intensive care.

Since the last daily bulletin, 494 molecular swabs and 2,163 rapid antigenic swabs have been performed: of these 14.6% were positive. On the other hand, 532 subjects were tested, excluding the control swabs: 72.7% of these tested positive.

Coronavirus in Tuscany: the trend by province

With the latest cases, the positives rise to 398,295 since the beginning of the emergency in the municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Florence (114 more than yesterday), 97,592 in the province of Prato (27 more), 115,675 in Pistoia (30 more) , 74,757 in Massa Carrara (22 more), 158,417 in Lucca (51 more), 171,344 in Pisa (28 more), 133,482 in Livorno (25 more), 133,901 in Arezzo (29 more), 106,131 in Siena (27 more) and 81,896 in Grosseto (24 more). To these must be added 569 positive cases reported in Tuscany but concerning residents in other regions.

Coronavirus in Tuscany: isolations, healings and hospitalizations

47,996 are in isolation at home, because they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free (1,652 less than yesterday, less than 3.3%).

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The 1,412,837 healed registered to date are in all respects, from a viral point of view, certified with a negative swab.

Coronavirus in Tuscany: the deaths

The list of deaths is updated with 6 new deaths: 2 men and 4 women with an average age of 88.8 years. Regarding the province of residence, the deceased people are: 2 in Massa Carrara, 2 in Lucca, 1 in Pisa, 1 in Livorno. 11,001 have died since the beginning of the epidemic: 3,474 in the metropolitan city of Florence, 895 in the province of Prato, 984 in Pistoia, 698 in Massa Carrara, 1,031 in Lucca, 1,235 in Pisa, 825 in Livorno, 706 in Arezzo, 589 in Siena, 407 in Grosseto. 157 people who died on Tuscan soil but were residents outside the region must be added.

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