EY in Italy, record growth and project to revolutionize the auditing and consulting market

EY in Italy, record growth and project to revolutionize the auditing and consulting market
EY in Italy, record growth and project to revolutionize the auditing and consulting market
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Despite the difficulties of the current scenario, with real growth in 2022 at 3.2% and estimates of GDP growth in 2023 of just 0.2%, EY Italia is making decisive progress on its path of socially and environmentally sustainable growth. “In the course of fiscal year 2022, EY in Italy achieved a growth in net turnover of over 21%. A figure that speaks volumes about the resilience of our organization, which confirms an accelerated development trend. A financial growth that is always accompanied. from the creation of value for people, customers and society, according to our philosophy inspired by the concept of “building a better working world”, declares Massimo Antonelli, CEO of EY Italia and coo of EY Europe West, on the occasion of the presentation of the results achieved by the firm in the Fiscal Year 2022, of the projects carried out and of the future objectives, summarized below.

1) 21.4% net sales up sharply compared to FY2021:

3) 3,000 people hired in Italy in FY2022, another 3,000 hires expected in FY2023;

3) creation of a technological hub in Bari in an ecosystem with institutions and universities that includes about 600 professionals, but the project is to reach 1,500;

4) 1,200 EY people have contributed as volunteers to the various EY Ripples activities with a positive impact on the lives of 500,000 people;

5) 56% fewer emissions globally in FY2022; 6) carbon negative globally, net zero by 2025.

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The results achieved are the result of a constant drive towards transformation and precise strategies such as the construction of ecosystems and strategic alliances with the various actors of the economic, social and institutional context both at national and local level. A path that aims to create new development opportunities, discover and enhance professional talents and build business platforms. In this direction, the realization in collaboration with institutions and universities of the EY technology hub in Bari, which currently includes 600 professionals, should be seen.

“People value and social value are two of the cornerstones of the firm’s philosophy. It is not for nothing that in the last year we have included 3,000 people in our workforce, 66% more than in 2021, and we expect a further 3,000 hires by June 2023 across the entire national territory, with particular attention to recent graduates from all universities in Italy “, says Massimo Antonelli.

The social value of EY can also be measured in terms of its positive impact on people’s lives and the environment. For example, with the EY Ripples project, over 1,200 employees and collaborators have voluntarily participated in various initiatives, creating a positive impact on the lives of approximately 500,000 people in Italy. With regard to the environment, EY is among the first organizations to become carbon negative in 2021, it reduced its emissions by a further 56% globally in 2022 and is ready to reach net zero in 2025. On the strength of its record growth, EY says it is ready to revolutionize the auditing and consulting market with the strategic review of the activities and with a possible separation into two distinct organizational structures, which will be submitted to the vote of the shareholders.

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