Olimpia Milano-Real, 5 challenges that have made history

Olimpia Milano-Real, 5 challenges that have made history
Olimpia Milano-Real, 5 challenges that have made history
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In European competitions Olimpia Milano and Real Madrid have met 36 times, with a budget of 25-11 for Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid-Olimpia awarded the European Cup in 1967 in Madrid and the Cup Winners’ Cup in Ostend in 1984: in both circumstances, Real won. This match has been played 18 times in Madrid and the result is 16-2 for the Spaniards. Race number 37 will be played on Thursday 3 November at the Mediolanum Forum at 20:30 (click here for remaining tickets).

Here are some of the most significant matches of this sporting rivalry.

1966, Olimpia Milano-Real Madrid 93-76

In 1964, Real Madrid won their first Champions Cup by eliminating Simmenthal in the semifinals that in that edition was forced to play without foreigners (banned in Italy). The rule changed in the summer of 1965 and with a lineup reinforced by Bill Bradley and Skip Thoren, Simmenthal eliminated the title holders in the quarter-finals. In Madrid Emiliano Rodriguez scored 20 points and Real won 71-66, but in the second leg of the Palalido Simmenthal played a prodigious game, won 93-76 with 40 points from Gabriele Vianello and 27 from Bill Bradley. So he qualified for the Final Four where he defeated CSKA Moscow and then Slavia Prague in the historic final in Bologna on 1 April 1966.

1967, Real Madrid-Olimpia Milano 91-83

The following season the two teams faced each other again, this time in the final, but unfortunately in Madrid. The great Emiliano Rodriguez was still the great protagonist with 29 points that overwhelmed Steve Chubin’s 34-point performance, in one of the greatest “losing efforts” in the history of the club and of the entire competition. Olimpia still came in at 74, then fouled Austin Robbins and gradually lost contact. In Real Madrid, the other big star was Clifford Luyk who scored 17 points, while Miles Aiken scored 23.

2021, Real Madrid-Olimpia Milano 76-80


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It was Olimpia’s first victory in Madrid in the top European competition. There had already been a victory, 62-61 (11 Lonnie Cooper and Claudio Coldebella; Antonis Fotsis made 19 for Real) in the Eurocup in the 2003/04 season, but never in the EuroLeague or equivalent competition. Olimpia had come close so many times, for example in 2019 they had accumulated an 18-point advantage before losing and again last year they lost only after a daring extra time. But in 2021, he won with a prodigious performance from Sergio Rodriguez (17 points) and fundamental baskets from Malcolm Delaney (14). Counting the previous 18 in Madrid, the total balance is 16-2 in favor of the Blancos.

2020, Olimpia Milano-Real Madrid 78-70

This match, on October 16, 2020, was particularly significant as it ended a 14-game losing streak against Real Madrid. Plus, it was a contest of high emotional content. Olimpia went down by nine at the end of the first quarter and were down by 11 at half time. Real Madrid have accumulated up to 12 points of advantage, but in the second half Olimpia’s assault was impressive. The run was 47-28. Sergio Rodriguez made 37 evaluation with 25 points. Another 19 scored by Shavon Shields. Olimpia also lost Malcolm Delaney to injury after less than five minutes, but still won.

2009, Olimpia Milano-Real Madrid 70-61

What made this victory special was not only the name of the opponent, but the way in which it matured with a spectacular fourth period, from 21-8 on a run. It was one of the best red and white games of Marco Mordente, scoring 23 points in 22 minutes, including 14 in the last quarter in which he alone scored more than all of Real, including the team’s last seven points and four free throws. .

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