MotoGP, Grand Prix in Japan: streaming and calendar

MotoGP, Grand Prix in Japan: streaming and calendar
MotoGP, Grand Prix in Japan: streaming and calendar
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Another success for Bastianini at Aragon where he was able to get on the podium and continue with his exaggerated comeback against Bagnaia. After this exciting chapter, which kept us glued to the screens last weekend, here we are with a new appointment from MotoGP.

The Grand Prix in Japanon the circuit of Motegi. We are at the fifth last stage of this championship. Therefore, the times begin to tighten and the opportunities to win the trophy are reduced.

Fire to the powders, or rather to the engines, for a weekend that will not fail to give us twists. All two-wheelers will know how to give themselves a hard time, otherwise it would be like throwing in the towel.

So don’t miss any of the appointments scheduled for MotoGP of Motegi in Japan. Let’s find out the complete calendar of this three very important days and how to see each stage in streaming.

If you are abroad we recommend that you activate one VPN. This service allows you to access the platforms that broadcast the MotoGP even when you are out of Italy. The best is NordVPN which has servers optimized for this and to improve streaming.

MotoGP Motegi: here is the whole calendar of the Japanese Grand Prix

Take “pen and paper” to memorize all the appointments regarding the new stage of the MotoGP. This time we are in Japan on the track of Motegi. So let’s see the complete calendar of all the programming of this exclusive event:

  • Friday 23 September 2022
    6:15 FP1 Moto3
    7:10 FP1 Moto2
    8:05 FP1 MotoGP
  • Saturday 24th September 2022
    2:00 FP2 Moto3
    2:55 FP2 Moto2
    3:50 FP2 MotoGP
    5:35 Moto3 qualifying
    6:30 Moto2 qualifying
    7:25 FP3 MotoGP
    8:05 MotoGP qualifying
  • Sunday 25th September 2022
    3:00 Warm Up Moto3
    3:20 Warm Up Moto2
    3:40 Warm Up MotoGP
    5:00 Moto3 race
    6:20 Moto2 race
    8:00 MotoGP race

Japanese Grand Prix: how to see everything in streaming

As usual, the exclusivity of the MotoGP even in this all-Japanese stage he has it Sky. You will then be able to see the stages and the races only and exclusively with an active subscription to Pay TV. In streaming you can do it thanks to its app Sky Gowhich allows you to always carry with you the contents you receive via satellite on the move.


There is also the smart solution, always managed by Sky, which is called NOW TV. This streaming platform is very convenient. You will have a lot of content and you can also enjoy the World Championship. Obviously, however, these two solutions are only accessible from Italy.

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In the event that you are overseas there is a way to get around the geographic restrictions. By installing NordVPN on your devices you will have access to all the contents as from Italy. Thanks to the servers for this VPN you will also optimize the connection making it faster and more stable.

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