Agrigento, arancina sold at an astronomical price: chance

Agrigento, arancina sold at an astronomical price: chance
Agrigento, arancina sold at an astronomical price: chance
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Also in Sicily The case of gastronomic excellence breaks out, but still street food, made to pay astronomical prices. It happens to Agrigentowhere the customers of a club have paid aarancina well 18 euros.

The arancina from 18 euros in Agrigento

The news was reported by ‘AgrigentoNotizie’, which also shared the photo of the offending receipt: in the bill there is a fried squid and baby squid (total 14 euros) and then two arancini al nero – the diatribe if you say “arancina” or “arancino” is age-old – that is, for two breaded and fried rice balls with cuttlefish ink filling. Price for each ball served to the two diners, 18 euros. If you add a bottle of wine, water and two place settings to the bill, the total comes to 70 eurosincluding a discount of 7 euros.

What is the arancina

The arancina (or arancino: the correct wording changes depending on whether you are in Messina, Catania and in general in the eastern part of Sicily, or a Palermo) is recognized all over the world as a “poor” Sicilian specialty. It is a breaded and fried rice ball (but in some areas it has a conical shape, in homage to Etna) that reminds the eye of an orange, and which in the traditional version is stuffed with ragù, peas and caciocavallo, or alternatively with diced cooked ham and mozzarella.

Over the years this workhorse of Italian street food has been revisited, reinvented and elevated to a gourmet dish, with a consequent increase in price: if the canonical does not exceed 2-3 eurosit happened that in the restaurant of the starred chef Filippo La Mantia, in Messina, a 7 euro version was served. However, well below the 18 asked in Agrigento for the squid ink arancina, which is among other things a local specialty, sold and served in many places.


The precedent: Flavio Briatore’s “pizza gate”

It is not the first time that the price of a dish or a typical Italian specialty arouses indignation and controversy. It also happened for Flavio Briatore’s pizza: in the chain of restaurants (because he wants them to be called) Crazy Pizza, open in London, Monte Carlo, Milan and Rome, the entrepreneur offers a Margherita for 15 eurosprice that goes up to 26.50 for a pizza with Parma ham and breaks through the roof of 45 for one with truffle and 60 for a garnished with Pata Negra, the famous “Jamon Iberico”.

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The “pizza-gate“Had broken out in July, in the heart of a very hot summer in which most of the master pizza chefs had risen: it is impossible to offer pizzas at such high prices on the menu, regardless of the desire to” do something different “, as Briatore himself said : “In our premises there is energy, there is the show of the waiters and pizza chefs and then there is also the pizza which is perhaps the best in Italy because it has no yeast and therefore does not make you swell”, he clarified. At the end of the summer, it was thought that the controversy over high prices was now archived, then the arancina case arrived.

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