an indissoluble bond remains between them

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William and Harry at the funeral of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

William and Harryin the last greeting to Elizabeth II, reminded the world of that moment of sadness twenty-five years ago when, little more than children, they followed their mother’s coffin on foot, Lady Diana.

Died prematurely in a car accident in Paris. But many things have happened since then. Including the fracture of the youngest of the princess’s children with the queen.

However, while Harry did not sing the hymn “God Save the King”, his body language highlighted the profound suffering resulting from the death of his grandmother.

The non-verbal language of William and Harry


A prince, William, who than his brother seemed more aware of the solemnity and historical significance of the event. At least that’s what transpired from his non-verbal behavior. In fact, although tried for the loss of his grandmother, he did not clearly show the signs of pain.

Although his face was slightly stiff and his eyes sometimes closed to prevent tears from escaping. However, from the moment the coffin entered the church, the future king never lost sight of his role.

And he did it by conserving a confident attitude and almost always assuming a straight posture.

Prince William at the funeral

Prince William at the funeral

On the other hand, the approach of Harry mourning. Despite the disagreements and the incurable fracture with the monarchy, also evident in the attire of the funeral, the non-verbal behavior of Elizabeth II’s rebellious nephew meticulously describes the personal torment of the loss.

The latter emerged in particular from the micro-expressions of the face. In this sense, it leapt to the eye as the inner corners of her eyebrows pointed upward, giving a triangular shape to the upper lids. Which, as a corollary, appeared slightly lowered.

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His lips were drawn horizontally and the corners of his mouth turned down. Those just listed are all emotions of pain, but also of tension. As were the clenched fists held during the advance towards Westminster.

Carlo's second son, Harry, at his grandmother's funeral

Carlo’s second son, Harry, at his grandmother’s funeral

Even Harry’s cheeks they expressed the deep suffering of Elizabeth II’s nephew. In fact, the latter were pulled upwards and produced grooves which, from the corners of the nostrils, continued beyond the corners of the mouth.

Forming the so-called nasolabial sulcus. On the contrary, those expressions, impossible to hide, that denounce repressed anger did not appear on Harry’s face.

Despite the different approach taken in the face of the death of the grandmother, there was a time when clear signs emerged that there is still an indissoluble bond between the two brothers.

That is to say during the reading of the prayer by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. At that moment, as the other members of the family stood still staring straight at the funeral paper, William and Harry swayed back and forth. Just the two of them.

An unconscious and shared way to try to hide the sadness and emotions of those moments. Although distant, they moved in synchrony and at the same pace. Blood, blue or non-blue, remains blood. There is no Meghan who takes.


Doctor Anna Vagli, jurist, forensic criminologist, journalist-publicist, expert in investigative psychology, technical inspection at the crime scene and criminal profiling. She is certified as an expert in applied neuroscience from Harvard University. Scientific director of the master’s degree in criminology in partnership with Studio Cataldi and Legal Education

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