‘Seriously’ starts again and drives Federico Fashion Style crazy: kicks, screams and shoves, that’s what happened

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  • The 32-year-old hairdresser bursts out loud and can no longer contain himself
  • In the newly renovated Anzio restaurant, a vacuum cleaner company arrives and …

Federico Fashion Style is in the throes of a real nervous breakdown. The VIP hairdresser bursts out and is not contained: all the fault of Jokes aside that plays a nasty trick on him and drives him crazy. The 32-year-old freaks out between kicks, screams and shoves. Only his collaborators avoid the worst, moving him away from those who are ruining the newly renovated Anzio salon. The work cost him 350 thousand euroshe says.

It starts again ‘Jokes aside’ and drives Federico Fashion Style crazy: kicks, screams and shoves

The joke is poisonous. One arrives in the room vacuum cleaner company. Federico is returning from Florence by train, warned, as soon as he arrives at the station in Anzio he rushes into the shop and finds pipes, foam and dirt everywhere. Two workers are turning the hall upside down. Not only that: a customer, left to do the dye, makes stories on Instagram, talking badly about him.

The 32-year-old hairdresser bursts out loud and can no longer contain himself

The hair stylist is desperate. His fury grows. “This is my house, who called you to you?”, yell out. “Before doing something like this, you need an authorization. You have 5 minutes to finish”keep on.

Federico admits to being sick: he is desperate

The workers provoke him, they cause him still other problems. He snatches the folder from his hands. Oh my God I’m feeling bad, she admits to the workers. Then he sends one of the two to that country. “You have to go”. But the man wants me to sign the receipt. “You need a signature”, he points out several times. “I sign, just leave”says Federico again.

The hair stylist is furious with the workers of the vacuum cleaner who have turned his newly renovated salon in Anzio upside down

At a certain point he raises his hands and lashes out at the victim: the collaborators push him away and advise him to calm down.

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In the end, the worst is feared ….

It’s not over: the joke continues. Federico tears off the sheet on which he has signed. “Here, I also clean my cu * o”, shout. Then losing his mind, he collects the dirt that is on the ground and orders the workers once again to get out: If you don’t leave, I’ll throw shit on you.

But as soon as the joke is revealed, Federico Lauri calms down

How much everything seems to fall, the boutade is revealed and the hairdresser finds the smile, even if it is so tried to put his hands on his face and sigh.

The article is in Italian

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