Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and … ’90 with Amadeus in Verona: prime time tonight on tv

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Amadeus (60) is back on TV tonight to host the first of three evenings of Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and … ’90on Rai 1. Appointment from Verona with live music (the evenings were recorded on 12, 13 and 14 September) in which the artistic director of the Sanremo Festival will return to the DJ console …

It is once again the Arena of Verona to host a large and highly anticipated live music event. After the success of the Tim Music Awards (we talked about it here) the stage sees Amadeus present three evenings on Rai 1 for Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and … ’90. A real open-air disco. Protagonists are the hits that made 40 years of Italian and international music unforgettable. To sing to them today, the same ones that brought them to success. Some evergreens, other meteors.

The first evening will be broadcast tonight on Rai1. Get ready for a real hit playlist with world music at the center. The strong point of this nostalgic operation? Have the original artists present!

ARENA ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90: how many episodes and where to see them on TV and RaiPlay

The Amadeus program airs on 17 September (early evening), 24 September (second evening) and 1 October (third evening). In prime time on Rai 1, but with the possibility of seeing each of the performances also provided in streaming for free on the platform RaiPlay.

ARENA ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90: the conductors Amadeus and Massimo Alberti

AmadeuscAs for the first edition of the program a year ago (when they stopped in the 80s), it is joined by Massimo Alberti in each of the planned evenings. The two will also be DJs.

Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90: singers and lineup of the early evening

Discover in our gallery under the singers of tonight, Saturday 17 September

Guests of the other evenings

In all, between the three evenings, there are about 50 artists. On September 24, Franki goes to Hollywood, Aqua, The Trammps. Haddaway, Umberto Tozzi, Katrina. Fools Garden, Nik Kersahw, Fabio Concato, Amii Stewart. Rockets, Double Dee, Dik Dik. Double You and Raf.

On October 1st, from Verona we will listen to Max Pezzali, Bonnie Tyler, Sister Sledge. Snap !, Rita Pavone, Patrick Herrnandez, Corona, Patty Pravo. Crystal Waters, P. Lion, Michele Zarrillo. Country cousins, Neja, Matia Bazar, Los Locos, Limahl.


And still others “will be distributed” between the three evenings: more than 50 in all …

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The idea of ​​this musical program was born from the mind of the conductor of the Sanremo Festival (next, 2023, inclusive). Music is something that cannot be separated from his nature. A year ago, for the launch of the first edition of Arena Suzuki, he said: «For me it is a great emotion, a debut. This is my first time as a host at the Arena. Although I grew up in Verona it never happened to me, not even at the time of Festivalbar. And I go back to my first job: disc jockey. It will be beautiful and we will have fun together ». We can only think that this second edition will also have a special place in the heart of Amadeus.


Amadeus’s real name is Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani and was born in 1962 in Ravenna. The beginnings of his career owe a lot to the independent radio world first and then to the mainstream. He will come up to Radio Deejay after being noticed at Festivalbar.

At the Sanremo Festival until 2024

He arrived on television in 1988. First in Mediaset and later in Rai, which will be followed by further changes and returns. After years of television conduction he is definitively consecrated in the role of “national” conductor thanks to Sanremo Festival starting from 2019. The mandate of Artistic Director of the kermesse was confirmed until 2024.


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