I tell the Corriere – The right in the newspapers and the future of tradition

I tell the Corriere – The right in the newspapers and the future of tradition
I tell the Corriere – The right in the newspapers and the future of tradition
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Dear Aldo,
you have been writing for some time that the right will win the elections more clearly than the polls say. Why then do the newspapers not give space to the right? Are there right-wing journalists in Italy? It doesn’t seem to me.
Franco AnselmoMilan

Dear Franco,
One of the reasons why I am convinced that the right will win the elections more clearly than the polls say that for almost six years I have been reading hundreds of emails and messages from Corriere readers every day, and I know how most of them think. There is one thing to specify. Italy is the only country in the world where the word right is synonymous with fascism. In all other countries, the word right means conservatives and / or liberals. If by right we mean a culture that does not believe in magnificent and progressive fates, that trusts the individual more than the state, that rebels against the excesses of the politically correct, that rejects the wooden language and the ideas received, then you can find this culture – I cite the first ones that come to mind – in the pieces by Vittorio Feltri on Libero, by Paolo Guzzanti on the Giornale, by Giacomo Amadori on the Truth, by Camillo Langone on the Foglio, by Giampiero Mughini on Dagospia (I would add, in quota critics of the West, Massimo Fini, of the daily Fact, and Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, who incredible does not have a newspaper). Obviously you can also find this culture in many editorials of the Corriere. In general, tradition is not synonymous with the past; in my opinion, tradition has a great future. Giving children a Catholic education starting from the sacraments, respecting the liturgy (Langone reviews the masses, a brilliant journalistic idea), staging Shakespeare and Verdi with actors and singers dressed as in the 17th and 19th centuries and not as punks or Nazis , prefer the trattoria to molecular cuisine, repopulate the villages of the Apennines abandoned for generations thanks to remote work, rediscover the art professions and the dignity of hand-made work … the list goes on. Of course, the boundary between conservatives and / or liberals and reactionaries is blurred. It goes beyond it when you do not recognize the freedom of others to disagree and to do as they please. (Then there are the fascists who, judging by the insults I receive these days – not from the readers of the Corriere – are not so few. But this is another matter).



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