I’m only nice when I see her

I’m only nice when I see her
I’m only nice when I see her
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Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi told Verissimo. An intense interview, characterized by the actress’s tears, the squabbles between the two and an anecdote that binds them. From September 30th, they will be on Canale5 with “Viola come il mare”.

Francesca Chillemi And Can Yaman were guests of the first episode of very true, broadcast on Saturday 17 September. The two actors will be protagonists of the new fiction of Canale 5 “Purple like the sea“, broadcast from Friday 30 September. The Turkish actor, already beloved in Italy, did not hide his emotion and Silvia Toffanin candidly confided:”I’m very excited, my mouth gets dry and the more I drink the more I have to go to the bathroom“.

The nice bickering between the two actors at Verissimo

Silvia Toffanin asked Francesca Chillemi what it is like to go around with a man so acclaimed by women. The actress replied: “It’s nice”but Can Yaman specified: “It is not true. She is very anxious, she stresses a lot“. The presenter then remarked that Can Yaman is now Italian by adoption and he admitted:”Italy has become home for me“.

Francesca Chillemi is moved by Rania, then the curtain with Can Yaman

Francesca Chillemi was moved by talking about her daughter Rania, had by her husband Stefano Rosso: “Rania is very important in my life, she put me in front of an important growth. It is not true that children grow up, we parents who try to overcome the limits we have in order not to impact our problems on them.“. Can Yaman, seeing her in difficulty, tried to play down by giving her a handkerchief and then passing her a glass of water:”The trick we call it?“, he added. Silvia Toffanin couldn’t help but remark:”He became likeable“and the actor replied:”Only when I see her am I usually a curmudgeon“. Francesca Chillemi’s answer is ready:

Because he likes to put me in trouble, that’s what he does best, I don’t know. He has to tease me all the time, then I get angry and we fight. And he says to me: “Why are you angry?

Can Yaman explained that they still struggle to get out of the roles played in the fiction Viola come il mare and Chillemi concluded: “Until it airs, then we say goodbye to the characters“.


The anecdote that binds Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi

Can Yaman said: “The fact of being in Italy I owe it to the studies I did in the past and to which my mother cared, I moved my limits. If I hadn’t studied Italian I would not have had this opportunity, it would be nice for all children to have their opportunity“Then, a very intense moment of the interview arrived, in which Francesca Chillemi recalled grandmother Ciccina, unable to hold back her tears:

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I lost her a little over a month ago, she was 98 years old. I am grateful to her life for having her so long with me. When she passed away, I paused to think about my childhood, I focused on how much was present within me. The best thing is that she is inside me now, her teachings, what I went through with her. My granny called me Ciccina. I hope she is well now, who knows her.

Can Yaman intervened and revealed that he had met Grandma Ciccina. Thus, Francesca Chillemi told how it happened:

Can was very nice to me. We were shooting in Palermo and my grandmother had been terribly ill. I was having set problems, I didn’t have a driver, but I absolutely wanted to go to her. I, Can and Giovanni Nasta got in the car, we left very early in the morning. I spent an hour with my grandmother in Barcelona, ​​I was afraid she might get worse, then we went back. Then, she recovered. He met her and it was wonderful, because my grandmother spoke Sicilian and he is Turkish. A joke.

The woman gave the actor a blanket that she knitted.

The article is in Italian

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